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ICAST 2020 Coverage


Molix Continues Their Viva Spirit!


Date: 7/13/20
Location: Virtual Event
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Molix
Reviewer: Cal

Each and every year, Italy based Molix finds a way to bring just enough flare and panache to the ICAST even to keep things light hearted, fresh, and fun. You know, like how fishing is really meant to be experienced. It's no wonder their pro staff consists of names like Mike Iaconelli and Carl Jacumsen. This year's bait introductions continue this viva spirit.


Rattlin' Pop Frog


Rattlin' Pop Frog: Partnering with USA Team Frog Eaters, Molix brings us their new Rattlin' Pop Frog top water bait. This hollow body frog features lifelike detailing on the sides and is equipped with a double strong OMTD custom hook featuring an attachment loop at the back that allows you to attach a blade of your choice giving the bait a little extra flash or even a stinger hook. The Rattlin' Pop Frog measures two and a half inches (2.5") in length and weighs five eights of an ounce. There are eight (8) colors planned at the bait's introduction.


Stick Flex

Stick Flex : Jumping on the ever popular Ned Rig trend, Molix this year introduces the Stick Flex, a two and three quarter inch (2.75") bait with a standard, fat worm body that quickly tapers to a pointed tail. It is made from a new, Molix Formula soft plastic that is extremely soft, flexible, and buoyant and impregnated with salt and shrimp scent. Like other baits with similar formulations, do not mix Molix Formula baits with any other soft plastic baits or suffer the gelatinous mess. The Stick Flex will be offered in twelve (12) colors and come in packs of six (6) baits.

Freaky Flex

Freaky Flex : Leveraging their Molix Formula once again, Molix introduces the Freaky Flex. A bait that can best be described as a cross between Sponge Bob characters Mr. Krabs and Gary. It is a creature bait in every sense of the word with a flipping bait torso, and a mix of flaps, claws, and antennae that end in floating balls. Yet for all its wacky appendages the bait measures just three inches (3") in length. It will be available in twelve (12) colors and be sold six (6) per pack.

Craw Flex

Craw Flex : Rounding out the initial Flex bait suite is the Craw Flex, another Molix Formula bait. This bait measures three inches (3") in length and features a long, relatively slender, soft plastic stick bait body that ends in more traditional claw-like appendages. The Craw Flex is, pardon the pun, flexible enough to be used on a wacky, Texas, Ned or just about any other rig you can think of for a finesse style trailer/craw bait. It will be available in eight (8) different colors and sold in packs of six (6) baits.

Glide Bait 178

Glide Bait 178 Floating : Molix extends the utility of their Glide Bait 178 with a new, floating version. Just like the original, seven inch (7") bait this new floating version is made to swim in a nice, semi-wide, side to side glide on a steady retrieve and can be made to swim erratically on a more aggressive, inconsistent retrieve. Hook attachment points are rotating to minimize a fish's ability to gain leverage on the bait to throw the bait and it will come in six (6) different colors for the same $25.99 as the original, slow sink version.









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