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ICAST 2020 Coverage


Lunkerhunt's Bait Shifter System Makes Rigging Fast and Easy


Date: 7/12/20
Location: Virtual Event
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Lunkerhunt
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Lunkerhunt big introduction this ICAST is their new Bait Shifter Series, a system of jigheads and baits that are designed to make rigging and changing baits both quick and easy so you can better match what the fish want in any given application.


Lunkerhunt's new Bait Shifter Series makes rigging fast and easy


Shifting it up: The Bait Shifter Series by Lunkerhunt makes rigging baits fast and easy, while offering a natural presentation. The key to this new system is the unique chamber running through the baits which are specifically designed to allow the matching Bait Shifter jig heads to slide on and off quickly and effortlessly.


Specially designed jigheads are made to slide easily into the core baits


The Bait Shifter system is designed so there is no more worrying about threading baits straight or tearing them up in the process. The entire Bait Shifters line is available in natural feeding patterns that mimic some of the most common and popular freshwater and saltwater gamefish forage, as well as reaction patterns that drive fish wild including shad and minnow profiles, and even a shrimp for inshore fishing.


The Bait Shifter Minnow features a 3.5" length and slender profile with a hard kicking tail


The Bait Shifter Shad is 4" in length and designed for the 3/8oz. shifter jig and the Minnow is 3.5" in length and also makes use of the same jig for quick and easy rigging. The Shrimp is 3.5" in length and designed for the 1/8oz. Bait Shifter Jig for a natural fleeing presentation. Each of the Bait Shifter baits will come 5 bodies per pack.


The Bait Shifter shrimp can be rigged either direction with the 1/8oz. head


Easy Prey: Lunkerhunt is also releasing a new hardbait this ICAST that is designed to mimic wounded bait fish. This single jointed cross between a swimbait and crankbait is designed to float on the pause and deliver an erratic shallow swimming action that is waked near the surface when retrieved.





Lunkerhunt's Easy Prey hardbait mimics a wounded baitfish


The Easy Prey will be available in two sizes, 3" and 4.35" weighing 1/2oz. and 1oz. respectively. The bait is armed with three feathered treble hooks, one on the bottom, one on top, and one in the rear to increase hookup ratios during strikes. 


Lunkerhunt expands their line offering with new Hi-Vis sinking braid


Hi-Vis Sinking Braid: In addition to new baits the company is also expanding their line offering with new Hi-Vis sinking braid which is a bright fluorescent yellow color designed to help anglers see the slightest strikes occur, especially when fishing finesse with a leader, or weightless presentations, and even dealing with the added challenges of windy days.


This line looks sick on reels and is designed to help anglers identify the slightest of strikes


This 8+1 strand braid has a fiber core and is designed to be soft, durable, sensitive, and long casting... plus it just looks sick as it brightens up any reel.










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