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ICAST 2020 Coverage


A Baitcaster Designed Specifically for Skipping and Pitching -Lew's Unveils Pro SP Reel


Date: 7/10/20
Location: Virtual Event
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Lew's
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Lew's already has one of the most encompassing reel lineups in the industry but the company is always looking for applications where it can add value. The design team at Lew's worked closely with Pro Angler Andy Montgomery to create a new reel specifically for skipping and pitching techniques. Time to meet the new Team Lew’s Pro SP Skipping and Pitching reel.


Lew's unveils the Pro SP, a new reel designed specifically for skipping applications


Skipping Ahead: Skipping jigs has become one of the most productive fish catching patterns in the sport of bass fishing. However, along with its potential for producing giant bites, it has its own unique challenges, starting with the fact that targeting the most productive spots invites the risk for tremendous backlashes if the lure strikes a dock post or hits the water prematurely.


With an ultra shallow spool the Pro SP doesn't waste line and enables more control over short accurate casts


To address this challenges, Lew’s created a specialized spool that holds 40 yards of 20-pound-test Fluorocarbon with its recessed Knot Slot and included a special “Skipping Zone” in their externally adjustable QuietCast® centrifugal braking system. The result is a reel that has all the performance of a Lew’s reel, tuned specifically for skipping where short pinpoint casts are critical, and to help minimize backlashes when engaging in the technique.

According to Montgomery, this reel has made a tremendous difference in his ability to make his namesake skipping presentations. “The spool and braking system of the reel have revolutionized my ability to skip a jig,” said Montgomery. “It has the smoothness to make the casts, and the power to get the fish out from under the docks; it’s absolutely amazing.”


The ACB cast control with more aggressive settings in the "skipping zone"


Kevin VanDam, who has also been involved with Montgomery in the testing process, said the Team Lew’s Pro SP is not a one-dimensional product. “While it is known as a “skipping reel,” the features make it perfect for any short line target casting and pitching and flipping application,” said VanDam. “I have used it for target casting spinnerbaits and Thunder Crickets, and it makes it easy to be aggressive with casts without fear of backlashing.”


The compact new reel is made with an aluminum frame and gears and weighs in at only 6.0oz.

The Lew's Pro SP is built on a one-piece aluminum low profile frame, and the spool is a 32mm shallow drilled and forged from Duralumim with an integrated knot slot to secure your line in place.


The aluminum handle is 95mm and the drag star is constructed from anodized aluminum


The SP's gearing is hard anodized aluminum and the reel comes loaded with 9 double-shielded stainless steel bearings and a Zero Reverse one way clutch bearing. This reel will be available with a brisk 8.3:1 gear ratio in both right and left hand retrieve, and weighs in at a light 6.0 ounces.


The Pro SP features a 8.3:1 gear ratio and will come in both right and left hand retrieve


The Lew's Pro SP gets very application specific, and fans of skipping techniques will be able to purchase the reel for $199.99 in the beginning of Fall.










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