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ICAST 2020 Coverage


Going Premium - Daiwa Launches New J-Fluoro Samurai Mainline


Date: 7/8/20
Location: Virtual Event
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Daiwa has a number of new reel and rod launches this ICAST but one of the products that the company is most excited about is their J-Fluoro Samurai Fluorocarbon, a new mainline that is designed to be a premium line delivering exceptional sensitivity, strength, handling, and reliability.


Daiwa's newest line is a premium fluorocarbon that will be produced in Japan


Premium Fluorocarbon: Daiwa is one of the leaders when it comes to reel refinement, and when it comes to rod design the company literally changed the sensitivity game with their AGS guides. Over the years the company has continued to grow their following in the line category, and has especially made significant gains in the braided superlines segment with the Samurai Series, and most recently with their popular J-Braid line. This year the company is launching a new premium fluorocarbon that is engineered and produced in Japan.


A look at the retail packaging. 220yd spools are marked with sticker at the mid point so it makes it easy to spool two reels without guesswork or wasting line

Daiwa’s J-Fluoro Samurai fluorocarbon mainline is designed to deliver invisibility, strength, reliability, and excellent overall performance to anglers of all walks. It will be offered in a multitude of sizes with varying levels of tautness and super small diameters including 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 25-pound test strengths, so that there is a line weight to suit every fishing application. For panfish and trout anglers to bass and walleye to inshore species, J-Fluoro Samurai hopes to impress anglers with its ultra-clarity and strength characteristics.

Interestingly J-Fluoro has been engineered to be application specific depending on the test, for example 2-12 lbs. tests are formulated stouter for better sensitivity, while 14-25 lb. tests are made softer for better spool management.

J-Fluoro will also be available in 1000yd. bulk spools

All weights of J-Fluoro Samurai will be wound on ergonomic spools with convenient filler-enabled spool protectors, and the 220 yd. filler spools are marked with a D-VEC sticker at the midway point, yielding an exact count when spooling two reels. No more guessing or wasted line! This premium new line will become available a few weeks after ICAST and 220yd, filler spools will retail from $20.99-$42.99 depending on the weight, and 1000yd bulk spools will retail from $59.99 to $159.99 each.   









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