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ICAST 2020 Coverage


Big Bite Bait's New Crop of Creatures including the Best Flipping Bait Ever (BFE)!


Date: 7/13/20
Location: Virtual Event
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Big Bite Baits
Reviewer: Cal

Introduction: With each passing year, Big Bite Baits increases their product catalog with soft plastics baits to suit every niche, trend, and fad. The product arm of one of the largest soft plastic OEM shops in the United States, you know they have the resources and expertise to answer the call. This year, we found some cool new baits worth a little closer look.


Introducing the Best Flipping Bait Ever (BFE)

BFE : Many an angler's best bite on any given day is found flipping, and that's what pro bass angler Bradley Hallman had in mind when designing the best flipping bait ever (BFE). He started with a body that shares the profile of a tube bait, but gave it a solid body with rings around the outside. The rings give the bait a larger profile, but also a softer texture when a fish bites down. Extending beyond the bait's torso are abbreviated flaps on either side of the head followed by antennae and then the traditional flap, which in the case of the BFE almost has the appearance of two stuck together thanks to the fork at the end of the appendage. The BFE measures four and a half inches long (4.5") and will sell in packs of 6 for $3.99.



The BFE will sell in packs of 6 baits for $3.99

Introducing the Kamikaze Swimon


Kamikaze Swimon: Introduced at last year's show as a bait specifically designed to serve as a trailer for the growing number of bladed jig products, the Kamikaze Swimon gets nine (9) new colors this year and honestly looks like a bait that could be used for a lot more than just a trailer on a bladed jig. Featuring a slender, ribbed body and craw like appendages, it looks like it'd make a nice, finesse style swimmer on a jighead or underspin or even an asymmetrical drop shot bait. The Kamikaze Swimon measures four and a quarter inches (4.25") in length and comes in a pack of 6 baits for $3.99.

Introducing the Kamikaze Craw

Kamikaze Craw: Speaking of craw baits, Big Bite Bait's Kamikaze Craw is a finesse style craw trailer bait measuring three inches (3") in length featuring a thin, ribbed body with oversized claw-like appendages. These appendages have holes designed to create a bubble trail helping bass track the bait in grass when tipped on the back of your favorite finesse jig or when fished alone on a more finesse sized Texas rig. The Kamikaze Craw gets two new colors this year and sells in packs of six (6) baits for $3.99.









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