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ICAST 2020 Coverage


The Hit Stick and other Key Introductions for 2021 from Berkley Fishing


Date: 7/10/20
Location: Virtual Event
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Berkley Fishing
Reviewer: Cal

When it comes to introducing new product each and every year, Berkley Fishing is never shy. With a catalog of product that could rival the old Bass Pro Shops Master Catalog (for those of us old enough to remember receiving those), walking the aisles of their booth at ICAST each year could consume half a day's time. Expecting to get lost in their virtual world of new product at this year's ICAST Online, I was surprised to find a more reserved approach to this year's introductions. Here are a few key introductions for Berkley Fishing in 2021 starting with the Hit Stick jerkbait.


Berkley Fishing's new Hit Stick offers the dynamic action of a balsa bait in a durable polycarbonate


Hit Stick: Berkley's new Hit Stick jerkbait is a new, polycarbonate bait built with the company's trademark FlashDisc weighting technology that results in balance similar to that of a balsa wood minnow bait. That means this bait flashes, dashes, and delivers that high pitch roll like a traditional balsa wood jerkbait, but does so with better durability, consistency, and casting performance. It will be offered in seven different lengths from thirty five millimeters through one hundred fifty (35 - 150mm) with a retail price ranging from just $5.99 to $7.99 depending on the size.


The secret is in the Hit Stick's unique FlashDisc weighting technology


PowerBait's HD Tru Colors are now available in their hollow belly swimbait


PowerBait HD Hollow Belly: Within the last couple of years, I've noticed an increase in the intricacy of Berkley's PowerBait soft plastic product. In fact, last year the manufacturer launched their HD Tru Color scheme with several of their baits including the Champ Craw, Minnow, and Champ Swimmer. This year, they're expanding that offering to several new baits the one we're most excited about being their new PowerBait Hollow Belly paddletail swimbait. Available in four, five, and six inch sizes, imagine the versatility of a hollow belly paddletail swimbait made with PowerBait soft plastic! There will be six HD colors in all, Black Crappie, Yellow Perch, Rainbow Trout, Gizzard Shad, Blueback Herring and Sexy Shad all preceded by the initials HD. The cost of these new colors will be one dollar more than the standard offerings at $7.99 per pack (number of baits per pack varies by size of bait).


The PowerPop is a hollow, soft bodied, single hook, popper

Power Pop: Berkley offers a new take on a popular topwater bait profile. Their new PowerPop combines the soft, hollow body of a traditional topwater frog with the bait profile of the trusty popper. They start with a new durable, low-density material designed to keep water out and wrap it around a Fusion19 EWG hook for a perfectly weedless presentation. The new PowerPop is designed with a super high flotation and offered in 10 color patterns. Retail price is set at $6.99 per bait.

FluoroShield offers the abrasion resistance of a fluoro with the manageability of a nylon monofilament

FluoroShield: Adding to their extensive lineup of tried, true, and reliable fishing line product, Berkley is at it again. Their new copolymer line combines the abrasion resistance of fluorocarbon with the manageability of nylon monofilament Additionally, FluoroShield has a refractive index similar to fluorocarbon so it is less visible underwater than a nylon line yet has better buoyancy than a fluoro. FluoroShield will be available in strengths from four pound through thirty pound (4lb - 30lb test) and offered in 300 yard filler ($8.99 - $10.99) and 3,000 yard bulk spools ($49.99 - $74.99).









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