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ICAST 2020 Coverage


13 Fishing Defies Convention with New Hybrid-Style Jabber Jaw, Shadow Spin, and Spin Walker Hardbaits


Date: 7/13/20
Location: Virtual Event
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: 13 Fishing
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Prior to ICAST we got a hands on look at the company's new Concept reels including the exciting new Concept Z SLD. If there is one thing that we know about 13 Fishing is that the team likes to push the envelope in design and why should lures be any different? This ICAST 13 Fishing is launching a number of new hardbaits and some of these break the mold in terms of category, starting with the wild Jabber Jaw.


It may look like a crankbait but the Jabber Jaw has a chattering bill that is designed to be very loud, and add to the bait's unique erratic swimming action

Jabber Jaw: When you first look at the profile of this bait it is easy to dismiss it as yet another crankbait, but this hardbait is anything but ordinary. It features a moving lip, a chattering bill, that is rigged inside a metal jowl so that as it is retrieved not only does the lure move but the bill slides back and forth creating a unique action and plenty of resonance. The Jabber Jaw is like a cross between an inline blade and a crankbait and delivers one heck of an erratic swimming action for a hardbait. The lure is armed with VMC Hybrid Black Nickel Hooks and available in a wide range of patterns. It will retail for $11.99 when it hits the market later this Summer.


Putting a whole new spin on the spybait game is the hybrid styled Shadow Spin


Shadow Spin: 13 Fishing is entering the spybait but they are literally putting a new "spin" on the category by creating a hybrid spybait-swimbait with new Shadow Spin. The lure blends the narrow profile and blade of a traditional spybait with a swimbait tail to create a finesse swimmer. The metal prop in the front provides vibration and water displacing action with some flash while the soft wedge tail creates additional swimming action at all speeds. The lures will feature holographic eyes, a wide range of high definition finishes and come armed with PTFE coated VMC Hybrid treble hooks. Each Shadow Spin will retail for $19.99.


Of course 13 Fishing had to mix things up once again with their new Spin Walker dog style bait


Spin Walker: If 13 Fishing just came out with another me-too cigar styled bait I would be disappointed. Like the company's other hardbait launches the brand has created a hybrid bait that is difficult to classify. The company takes the cigar profile of traditional dog style baits and implements a cavity that supports a bottom buzz-style prop and clacker that will put out additional churn and flash whether the bait is twitched side to side or simply retrieved directly.



The Spin Walker is designed to be easy to walk and will generate additional sputter regardless of how it is retrieved


The company put countless hours of testing into optimizing the Spin Walker's design, ensuring that it was perfectly balanced for easy walk the dog action. The lure will be available in many patterns ranging from painted to foil finishes, and each comes with two VMC premium Hybrid Treble Hooks. These new baits will retail for $19.99 and will be available this coming spring.










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