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ICAST 2020 Coverage


A Band of Anglers Introduces New Waterbull Jigs and Hyperlastics Swimbaits


Date: 7/13/20
Location: Virtual Event
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: A Band of Anglers
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: A Band of Anglers continues to gain momentum with innovative products from legendary angler and lure designer Patrick Sebile. This year the company is introducing a number of new products from their various family of baits ranging from unique jigs to highly durable hybrid style swimbaits.


Leave it to Patrick Sebile to come up with a new jig design


Engage Waterbull: Unveiled under the company's Engage lineup the new Waterbull Jig which features a bullet shaped head and cut chin profile designed to make it easily punch through vegetation without fouling or getting snagged.


The Waterbull features a special angled head, chin, recessed line tie, and hook design to effectively punch through vegetation and keep fish pinned


One of the key elements to this jig is the recessed line tie and double fiber weedguard which together keep the lure in perfect position and shield the jig from nasty snags.

The Waterbull will be available in a wide range of patterns with matching head and skirt designs and in weights all the way up to 1 1/4oz.


To ensure that strikes are converted to landed fish the Waterbull is armed with Patrick Sebile's inverse curve hook design which is made from heavy gauge wire and angled to maximize both hook penetration and keep fish from throwing the hook, or bending it out. The Waterbull will be available in range of craw imitating patterns and weights from 3/8oz. to 1 1/4oz. and retail $8.99 to $10.99 depending on the weight.


The Minawaow swimbait is formulated from the company's exclusive SofTough plastic


Minawaow Swimbait: In the ABOA family Hyperlastics are the most durable plastics and are constructed from SofTough plastic that is super flexible and yet highly durable. These baits are rated for over a hundred fish on a single bait. The newest bait from this line is the Minawaow (pronounce that three times quickly), and features a paddle tail design and compact body so that it generates a significant amount of turbulence and kicking action, even at low retrieve speed.


These swimbaits features a flat head for easy rigging with jigheads


One of the best things about the SofTough material is the ability to create rigging channels molded into the hook path for added durability. The head of the bait has a flat profile so that it is easy to rig a jighead into the nose. These baits will retail for $8.99 each and become available in Fall.






The DartProp is like a hybrid soft plastic swimbait-spybait combo and can be fished underwater or quickly as a topwater lure


DartProp™ Pro: We also got an early look at a new bait in development called the DartProp, which is similar to the existing DartSpin™ from Hyperlastics™, but instead of a molded-in will blade this new lure integrates a prop on the front and the rear of the lure. Cast and Retrieve, let it sink to fish at different depths and although it is a sinking model, you can speed up your retrieve to generate a topwater prop bait presentation. The body of the lure will give it a big minnow action, while the prop on the tail will create a more erratic motion.










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