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ICAST 2012 Coverage

Hot new plastics and colors from Yamamoto and Kinami Baits


Date: 7/21/12
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Yamamoto/Kinami
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

As one of the most well known bait manufacturers of all time, Gary Yamamoto's Yamamoto Bait company is world renowned for producing products of superior quality.  While their Senko is undoubtedly one of the hottest baits ever, the Yamamoto lineup includes other hot offerings including spinnerbaits and even rods.  Also an avid angler, Gary's son Derek heads up Kinami Baits which offers quality hard and soft baits at reasonable prices.  We checked out their displays at the 2012 ICAST show to get the scoop from them on the latest offerings.


Mad Melon is one of the new Senko colors being offered.

New Senko colors:  The legendary Yamamoto Senko continues to be one of the most productive soft baits ever devised, and we were notified of several new colors hitting the scene.  The 5 Senko will now be available in Midnight (362), Green Pumpkin/Blue Flake (363), Mad Melon (367), and Watermelon Candy (368).  The 5 Thin Senko will also have new colors, including Green Pumpkin/Green Purple Flake (301), Watermelon/Purple Flake (329), Green Pumpkin/Purple Copper Flake (330), and Green Pumpkin/Red Flake (369).  The new colors are available now.  Both baits come in bags of 10 with 5 Senkos priced at $7.69 for a 10 pack and 5 Thin Senkos priced at $6.99.

The new 3 Yamamoto Saltwater Shrimp.

Saltwater baits:  Some people may not realize that Gary Yamamoto is not just an avid Bass angler, but spends a fair amount of time saltwater fishing as well.  His new line of small saltwater baits looks like they will be perfect for inshore species such as Redfish, Flounder, and Speckled Trout.  Don't let the saltwater name deter you from using these on Bass, however.  These will likely make killer finesse baits for clear water and finicky fish.  The series includes a 4 curl tail grub, 3 saltwater shrimp, and 3.5 saltwater Ika.  Each bait shares the same 5 color choices:  Clear/Large Black Flake (187), Blue Pearl/Black and Hologram Flake (239),  Rootbeer/Black and 1/2 Green Flake (296G), Baby Bass (305), and Watermelon/Large Purple and Green Flake (366).   All baits come in packages of 10 baits and are available now at a price of $5.19.

The 3.5 Saltwater Ika.

Kinami PsychoDad:   Available in October, the new Kinami PsychoDad was designed by west coast Punching expert Bub Tosh to be the perfect compact punching and flipping bait.  At about 4 long, it is able to hold a 5/0 hook and has an internal rattle chamber capable of accepting a 7mm rattle.  It's huge, round claws paddle when the bait is swam through the water, and stand up when the bait is at rest.  The thinner body allows for a higher hookup percentage and makes it easier to punch the bait or work it through cover.  12 colors are available: Watermelon Pepper (804), Watermelon Red (819), Green Pumpkin (805), Green Pumpkin Candy (301), Jazzy Junebug (373), Green Pumpkin Red (833), Green Pumpkin Blue (846), Black Blue (850), Black Red (851), Bama Bug (952), Sprayed Grass (953), Okeechobee Craw (962).  The PsychoDad is priced at $5.39.

The Kinami PsychoDad promises to be an amazing new bait for punching, flipping, or used as a trailer.

The team at Yamamoto and Kinami Baits.

Yamamoto and Kinami continue to keep things fresh with these latest colors and offerings.  If you are a Bass angler, chances are you have at least one product from either of these companies in your tackle collection.  Now with an even larger variety to choose from, you can update and expand your arsenal to show the fish something new and different!









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