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ICAST 2012 Coverage

New releases from Rapala, Terminator, Trigger X, and VMC (continued)

Terminator Titanium and Stainless Steel rigs:  For you umbrella rig anglers, Terminator introduces 2 new umbrella rigs.  The Titanium model features the patented Titanium SnapBack wire that keeps your rig in perfect form at all times.  The stainless steel rig allows you to bend and adjust the wire to meet your needs on the water. 

Terminator joins the umbrella rig craze!

Behind the minnow coupler head, both rigs feature a stainless steel ring that can be slid down to collapse the arms for storage.  Both rigs come rigged with premium snaps and a 75lb barrel swivel for strength assurance.   The rigs are available in 5”, 8”, and 10” sizes and 4 colors with a suggested retail of $9.49-$22.49

With a slim profile, the slop hopper is ideal for fishing around cover.

Trigger X Slop Hopper:  This bait features a thin profile and a ribbed back and is perfect for fishing around heavy cover or even fished as a swimbait in open water.  The bait comes in 14 different colors, measures 4 1/2” long, and will come in a pack of 6 for a suggested retail of $4.99.

The flat tailed Drop Dead minnow promises a different action all it's own.

Trigger X Drop Dead Minnow:  This 5” jerkbait features a unique action compared to other fluke style baits.   Available in a pack of 8 in 12 different colors at a suggested retail of $4.99

The Goo Bug goes right along with our “Creature Fever” theme for this year.

Trigger X Goo Bug:  The 4” Goo Bug comes in a pack of 8 and in 14 different colors.  The large crawfish pinchers on this bait come connected together, but can be easily cut (as shown) for a totally different look.   Suggested retail $4.99.

The versatile Buzz Tail worm features a unique tail design.

Trigger X Buzz Tail Worm:  The tail on the Buzz Tail worm comes fused together in a paddle-tail shape, providing a subtle gliding action that would be right at home texas or carolina rigged.  With the tail cut (as shown), it then becomes a topwater buzz worm, perfect for skimming around shoreline cover.  The worm comes in an 8 pack and measures 6” long with 10 different color options.  Suggested retail $4.99.

VMC carries the Ike seal of approval!

VMC had a large display of it's “Ike approved” hooks, weights, and jig heads.  These items carry Mike Iaconelli's seal of approval, and feature customized touches and designs. 

Flippin' hooks feature custom touches, including a resin closed eye.

Flippin Hooks and HD Flippin Hooks:  The standard Flippin hooks feature a straight shank and double spiked bait holder.  Black nickel finish, sizes 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, and 4/0.  The HD Flippin Hooks share the same features but with increased strength for heavy cover and line.  Both hooks have a resin closed eye.  These are offered in 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0 sizes.  Both hooks carry a suggested retail of $4.49 per package.

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