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ICAST 2012 Coverage

New releases from Rapala, Terminator, Trigger X, and VMC


Date: 7/24/12
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Rapala
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

With a long standing history in the fishing industry, Rapala and it's newer associated companies offer an absolutely huge variety of lures and tackle.  From balsa baits, to plastics, to accessories and beyond, they have the bases covered.  Releasing an impressive variety of new offerings at ICAST 2012, we go over just a few highlights of some of what to expect when the new products hit stores.


The brand new BX series offers anglers balsa action with increased durability.


Rapala BX Swimmer:  The all new jointed BX Swimmer features balsa-based construction but has a rugged copolymer shell.  This allows the bait to have the extremely lifelike action of a balsa bait, but also the rugged toughness to be fished in harsh conditions.  These slow-sinking baits are 4 3/4” long, weigh 3/4oz, and have a running depth of 4-6'.  Expect to see them offered in 10 different colors.


Rapala BX Minnow:   Similar to the BX Minnow, this floating one-piece lure features the same balsa and copolymer construction as the BX Swimmer.   Offered in 10 different color schemes, these baits are 4” long, weigh 3/8oz, and will run between 3-5' deep.  Expect both the BX Minnow and BX Swimmer to have a suggested retail of $9.99-$11.99.


Mike Iaconelli's Custom Ink DT series baits are made to his specifications.

Rapala “Mike's Custom Ink” DT's:  Mike Iaconelli designed these Rapala DT (dives to) crankbaits to meet his custom specifications.  With purposefully muted colors, polished finishes, and a special super-fine glitter, these baits contain the key ingredients to make for a very special crankbait.   A broad array of Custom Ink DT baits will be available from 2” to 2 3/4” long and diving as deep as 20 feet.  Suggested retail is $6.99-$9.99.

New Rapala hard baits displayed under glass. 

Rapala Jointed Shallow Shad Rap:   The new jointed Shallow Shad Rap now features a shallow diving lip.  The jointed body exhibits an exaggerated swimming action that closely replicates a troubled baitfish.  A 2” size will be available that weighs 1/4oz and dives 2-4', and a 2 3/4” size weighing 3/8oz that dives 3-5' deep.  These baits will suspend on the retrieve, and be offered in 12 different colors at a suggested retail of $5.99.

The realistic Rainbow Trout color looks outstanding.

Rapala X-Rap Countdown:  The popular X-Rap jerkbait will now be available in a countdown model.  This sinking bait will allow anglers to more easily reach deep or suspended fish.  A 2” size weighing 1/8oz and diving to 2-4' deep, and a 2 3/4” size weighing 3/8oz running 3-5' deep will be offered.  The bait will be sold in 8 different colors with a suggested retail of $9.99.

The Ultra Light Crank is dwarfed by a full size Clackin' Crank.

Rapala Ultra Light Crank:  The tiny 1 1/2” Ultra Light Crank will dive as deep as 8 feet.   Weighing 1/8oz, it is designed to cast similar to larger baits.  It's buoyancy will help it to back out of brush when the retrieve is stopped.  The Ultra Light Crank will be offered in 10 colors with a suggested retail of $5.99.

Resembling a lure for ice fishing, this bait will work on deep bass everywhere.

Rapala Snap Rap:  This unique bait is designed to be quickly snapped on the retrieve, or jigged.  It produces a quick darting and falling motion and is especially suited to fishing deep fish in open water.  Look for a 2 1/2” size weighing 5/16oz, and a 3 1/8” size weighing 7/8oz.  Each bait features a front and rear single hook, and a hanging treble.  The Snap Rap will be sold in 8 different colors with a suggested retail of $6.99-$7.99.

Rapala Clackin' Magnum:   The big 6 1/4” Clackin' Magnum weighs a hefty 2 1/4oz and will dive to 20 feet deep.  It features the Clackin' Cadence Rattle, and 4/0 Perma Steel VMC hooks that will handle the rigors of saltwater fishing.  10 colors will be offered in the series with a suggested retail of $19.99

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