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One Order of Bento is All You Need to Catch Lunkers


Date: 7/12/12
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Lunkerhunt
Reviewer: Team TackleTour




Introduction: The team at Lunkerhunt have been hard at work designing everything from premium fishing lures to complete systems to provide anglers of all levels with the right tackle and the knowledge to employ effective fish catching techniques. Their work paid off in a big way this ICAST with a “Best of Show” Award in the soft bait category for their minnow Bento Baits.


Lunkerhunt's Bento Baits are extremely realistic

The Bento Baits are a minnow styled minnow with a split tail design. What sets these baits apart are their anatomical realism combined with a soft yet durable body that comes to life with the slightest twitch of the rod tip. The lures also put out extra flash with a holographic core.

Wolbugger checks out the new Lunkerhunt baits

These baits are available in two sizes 3 inch and 4.5 inch in 5 color patterns. This looks like an absolutely killer drop shot bait and is designed to work in both freshwater and saltwater applications. A pack of these baits will retail for $7.99.

Each Bento minnow features a holographic core


The Bento Baits are available in both 3" and 4.5" sizes and a range of realistic patterns

The Magic Bean is a fun looking bait that is tiny, with a body profile the length of a penny, and a weight of 1/4oz. This bait has a line tie on top and a blade on the back to add flash when vertical jigging, casting, and ice fishing. The Magic Bean is available in 7 patterns.

The Magic Bean is a great bait for vertical jigging, ice fishing anyone?

Lunkerhunt is also pushing to make fishing easy with Lunkerhunt Kids Kits that include premium lure & tackle components with step by step illustrated booklets tailored to kids that include rigging techniques, fishing instructions, and sticker pages. The Lunkerhunt Kids kits have been designed to be fun and interactive. Kids are encouraged to catch fish and fill out the Lunkerhunt Fishing Log that charts there fishing success. These kits retail will retail for $6.49 each.

Lunkerhunt makes it easy with EDU-KITS complete with all the necessary tackle and a knowledge handbook for the technique

For intermediate anglers Lunkerhunt also has EDU-KITS  that provide technique specific tackle for applications such as drop shotting or pitching and they teach anglers more about the target fish species and how to catch them in the included Pro Knowledge handbook that features species specific information as well as illustrated rigging and fishing instructions. These kits will also retail for $6.49 each.

Lunkerhut even has a frog in the EDU-KIT line

The last time we were in Orlando for ICAST we headed to Lake Toho to fish for bass after the show ended. Coincidently the team at Lunkerhunt also had bass on their mind and when we crossed path at the launch ramp they gave us a few of their Swim ‘N’ Jerk swimbaits and Spicy Bites scent capsules.

Nuno Antunes, David Macdonald, and Brian Shelley show us the Award Winning Lunkerhunt Bento Baits


We caught fish on their baits and since that first experience have followed the development of their offerings but have never completed an extended field test of any of their products. The company has really expanded their catalog over the last few years and you can be sure that we will be including their baits into our upcoming test schedule. Zander simply can’t wait to do some finesse fishing, Bento style.










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