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Ready for battle at any depth with Lock and Load lures


Date: 7/12/12
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Lock and Load Lures
Reviewer: Team TackleTour




Introduction: Crankbaiters are a special breed.  Not liking to slow down, they prefer to fish quickly and cover as much water as possible.  If you love to fish crankbaits, you know it takes lots of baits to cover the entire water column effectively from deep to shallow.  Not only can this cause a tackle storage hassle, but the cost involved can be daunting.  Sharing a table at ICAST 2012 with Castaic and Reaction Strike baits, Lock and Load lures offers an innovative solution.  With a patented crankbait design featuring an interchangeable lip, these baits allow you to fish the entire water column effectively with just one single bait.

Prototypes were a bit rough in appearance but gave us a good idea of the features and  how they work. Expect the production models to feature top quality finishes.

The Lock and Load crankbaits will include 3 different lips, all of which are easily interchangeable.  The lips are designed to let the bait to fish shallow, mid depths, and deep cranking applications.  This allows the angler to target all depths efficiently with one single bait. Going from cranking shallow stumps to fishing a bit deeper?  Rather than tie on a new lure, simply unscrew the lip and screw in the one that fits your current need.  A new lip can be installed or removed in mere seconds by simply inserting then twisting or untwisting 45 degrees.  It's a simple idea that is sure to save both time and money.

A look at the underside of a bait with the bill removed

The Diving bills as well as an unpainted body.  Note the internal cavity and rattle inside.

The customization doesn't stop on the outside. Inside the bait is an internal cavity that features interchangeable rattles. The cavity also has space that can be injected with scent, which is then exuded slowly outwards through slits in the gills. This allows the scent to seep out of the bait at a slower, more natural pace. It is claimed that once filled with scent, it will continue to disperse for 20-25 casts or for approximately 10 minutes of trolling time before the scent needs to be reloaded. 

Jack Oney and Scott Smith show off their patent and new baits.

Prototypes were only available to be seen at ICAST 2012, however Lock and Load reps Jack Oney and Scott Smith tell us to expect a launch in November.  The bait should first be offered in just a traditional crankbait body style for now, and included are the 3 interchangeable lips.  Expect to see 8 colors available to start, with a price in the $15-$20 range.  For more information visit www.locknloadlures.com









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