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ICAST 2012 Coverage

Meet the New BB1 Speed Spool Series Reel


Date: 7/29/12
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Lew's
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Lew's continues to gain popularity among anglers that are rediscovering the long-standing brand for all it is, performance, value, and a time honored tradition for innovation and refinement. This year we saw the introduction of the brand new BB1 Speed Spool.


The new BB1 Speed Spool baitcaster pays homage to the original


BB1 Speed Spool: The original BB1 speed spool was an engineering masterpiece at the time and the new reel pays homage to the legacy with the same black and gold motif including a gold medallion in the center of the non-handle sideplate. There will be multiple versions of this reel, some with no anti reverse to take tension off the spool. All of the new BB1 reels will feature a die-cast aluminum frame, a forged aluminum double anodized spool, and a four pin centrifugal braking system. 


The reel features a deep spool capable of holding 160 yards of 12lb. line


The "Z-Series" BB1 reels feature a 10 bearing design with "zero anti-reverse," and all of the reels will have a carbon composite drag system which is designed to deliver 14lbs. of drag counter pressure. Anglers will find a 95mm aluminum handle that is bowed to deliver superior cranking power and a metal drag star and spool tension knob that are both loaded with audible clicking mechanisms.


The BB1 comes with a 95mm aluminum handle


All reels are superline capable with a oversized titanium line guide. These reels all weigh in at 7.4oz. and will come in three gear ratios, 5.1:1, 6.4;1, and 7.1:1. The BB1 has always been about value and the new version will retail for an aggressive price of $159.99.


The Team Lew's Pro Speed Spool features titanium deposition coated sideplates and a carbon fiber handle


Team Lew's Pro Speed Spool: Lew's also released a number of new reels in the "Speed Spool" series, most exciting of which was the high end Team Lew's Pro reel which features a one piece diecast aluminum frame and sideplates with titanium deposition coating for enhanced durability. We have seen competing reels make use of this coating and most of them are quite heavy. Not the case with the TL Pro which weighs in at only 5.9oz.! 


This high end reel weighs in at only 5.9oz.


The TL pro has a 11 bearing system and a multi-setting brake system which includes a 4 pin centrifugal system as well as a magnetic brake system, both controlled by an external clicking dial. The reel manages to weigh in so light in overall weight thanks to a compact frame, duralumin components, and a 80mm carbon fiber handle. The TL Pro will be available in both 6.4:1 and 7.1:1 gear ratios for a price of $299.99.


The Speed Spin is a new reel which makes use of graphite construction. (The spool shown above is the shallow "braid ready" spool)


Lew's Speed Spin: It wasn't just baitcasters for the company this year and the new Speed Spin spinning reels make use of a graphite body, rotor and side cover to weigh in at 6.7oz (SS100a). This reel features a slim profile but inside anglers will find durable brass pinion gearing and a reliable composite drag system.


The Speed Spin features a slim form factor


These reels feature a 9+1 ball bearing configuration and a 5.2:1 gear ratio. One of the coolest things about the Speed Spin is it comes with a  standard deep spool and a second shallow spare forged aluminum spool for use with braided superlines. Reels like this usually cost around 100 dollars but the Speed Spin is a steal at only $59.99.


Rick Collins shows us the new Lew's offerings


Lew's is back and in a big way. The company has a complete range of new reels and rods and has even built up an all star roster of pros including Mark Menendez, Tim Horton, Stephen Browning, Terry Scroggins, Wally Marshall (just to name a few) that are all ambassadors for the fast growing line. At the show the team described the new lineup as "driven by innovation, fueled by passion," and with products like the BB1 it really shows.










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