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ICAST 2012 Coverage

More lifelike new baits added to the Live Target series


Date: 7/23/12
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Koppers
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Producing one of the most realistic looking baits on the market, Live Target lures by Koppers has become extremely popular since it burst onto the scene a few years ago. Offering a broad range of both hard and soft baits, their products not only look amazing but flat out catch fish too. With several new models and colors unveiled at ICAST 2012, they are sure to gain even more interest and popularity in the future.

The all new Crappie bait comes in several variations.

Crappie:  The new Live Target Crappie is available with or without a lip.  The sinking lip less rattle bait version will be great for ripping through weeds or for anglers that would like to probe just a bit deeper.  It will be offered in two sizes: 2 1/2” at 7/16oz, and 2 3/4” at 5/8oz.  The floating lipped version features flat sides and a “circuit board” lip that helps it to dive quickly and deflect off cover.  It will be offered in two sizes: 2 1/4” that weighs 1/4oz and dives 3-4', and a 2 1/2” size that weighs 3/8oz and dives 4-5'.  All of these baits will be offered in 3 colors: Natural/Matte, Metallic/Gloss, and Yellow/Matte.  Expect to pay a price of $14.49. 

The new Tilapia bait should be a killer in southern waters Tilapia are an important food source to big Bass.

Tilapia:  Available in a lip less rattle bait or floating wake bait configuration, the new Tilapia should prove very productive.  At 3 1/4” long, the floating wake bait version weighs 3/4oz and will dive to a maximum of 1 foot.  For deeper fishing, the sinking lip less rattle bait style comes in a 2 1/2” size weighing 3/8oz, and a 3” model weighing 5/8oz.  Both styles of Tilapia will come in two colors: Pearl/Silver, and Natural/Green.  Price on the wake bait will be $21.99, while the lip less model will run $14.49.

The Frog Popper took home the Best in Show for hard baits award!

Frog Popper:  The all new award winning Frog Popper is the latest addition to the Live Target frog lineup.   With a clear cupped popping face, life like shape, and natural colors, this bait should provide  some explosive topwater strikes.  The popper comes in a 2 1/2” size weighing 1/4oz, and a 3” size weighing 1/2oz.  Both sizes come in five colors: Green/Yellow, Tan/Brown, Fluorescent/Yellow, Yellow/Black, and Brown/Black.  Price will be $14.49.

The new Yellow Perch jointed crankbait.

Yellow Perch:  The new floating Yellow Perch jointed crankbait is available in two sizes and several diving depths.  The 2 7/8” medium diving model weighs 3/8oz and will get down to the 3-5' range, while the same size and weight in the deep diving model attains depths from 6-8'.  The 3 5/8” medium diver weighs 9/16oz and goes down to 3-5', while the same size and weight in the deep diving model will plunge into the 7-10' range.  3 colors will be offered: Natural/Matte, Metallic/Gloss, and Fluorescent/Matte at a price of $14.49 each.

New crawfish imitating cranks from Live Target.

Squarebill Crawfish:  The new floating square bill crawfish promises to be a great bait for fishing shallow water.  With a unique lip design, this crank will deflect off cover and recover quickly during the retrieve.  The body design and hook setup also allows it to resist being prone to snagging easily.  There will be a 2 3/8” size available which weighs 1/2oz and dives 3-4', and a 2 3/4” size weighing 5/8oz and dives 4-5'.  Seven colors will be offered: Ghost/Green, Brown/Yellow, Red/Black, Green/Tan, Brown/Chartreuse, Brown/Blue, and Orange/Brown.  Price will be $14.49 each.

Deep Dive Crawfish:  Adding to the squarebill series, is the newly redesigned deep diving crawfish line of crankbaits.  These will be perfect for dredging the depths down to 18 feet deep.  Two sizes will be available in these floating crankbaits:  A 2 1/2” size weighing 5/8oz that dives to 14'+, and a 3” size weighing 1oz that will attain depths of 18'+.  The craws will sport seven color schemes: Ghost/Green, Brown/Yellow, Red/Black, Green/Tan, Brown/Chartreuse, Brown/Blue, and Orange/Brown.  Look for these to cost $15.49 each.

A really neat bait, the mouse now comes in a plumper size.

Mouse:   While not a new bait, the Mouse will be on the market in a new 3 1/2” size weighing 1oz.  Coming in the larger size, this topwater bait should appeal to big Bass even more!  Look for this new mouse to cost $12.99.

Live Target impressed us and many others at ICAST 2012.

Further expanding an already large and realistic lineup, Koppers continues releasing impressive, fish catching products within the Live Target line.  These new baits will give anglers something a bit different to throw at fish, important in these days of heavily pressured waters.  With a few awards now under their belts, these baits are undoubtedly something special.  Look for all the new baits to be hitting stores around November 1st.









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