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Jackall Debuts New Baits Addressing the Entire Water Column


Date: 7/15/12
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Jackall
Reviewer: Team TackleTour




Introduction: Jackall continues to innovate and this ICAST they built upon their popular ASKA crankbait series as well as introduced new soft ad hard bodied lures designed to target fish from the bottom to the surface using a variety of techniques. Whether anglers enjoy drawing viscous topwater strikes or enticing lunkers from down deep with umbrella rigs Jackall had the answer this year.


Cody Meyer highlights the new baits from Jackall

New for this ICAST are the 50 and 70 sizes of the company’s ASKA silent crankbait. In 2012 Jackall released the ASKA 60SR which was considered Seiji Kato's masterpiece. The designer dedicated five years of R&D to the ASKA series with the goal to create a lure with all-terrain obstruction resistant qualities while maintaining triggering vibration and balance.  Perhaps even more impressive is its ability to return to accurate tracking during impact and deflection.

The ASKA line gets both a smaller and larger version as well as new patterns

Unlike traditional crankbaits the ASKA is made to climb over and through cover during impact. Other cranks tend to glance off of cover and shoot off several inches to several feet during retrieve. This ricochet effect is responsible for inhibiting traditional lures tracking into chosen strike zones.  ASKA's low flex square bill maintains high vibration and grabs more water, allowing the lure to remain balanced while "burning the bait." Low ballast positioning allows the lure to return to an upright balanced position during impact and retrieve.  ASKA's blunted hook guards (molded onto the hook keepers) helps the treble hook position consistently and increase hook up ratios. With three sizes now available, a crankbait fans will plenty of choices to address technical shallow water cranking.

The 70 Size ASKA

Jackall also introduced a topwater lure called the Boil Trigger 100. This topwater bait looks like a combination between a jointed ripbait, pencil bait, and a popper. The lure can be walked or popped and the segmented body gives the tail section additional life, or death rather, as the tail is designed to flip the lure ever so slightly to better mimic a injured baitfish. Like other Jackall lures the bait comes armed with sharp Owner hooks and the rear hook will be dressed.

The Boil Trigger is like a popper, pencil bait, ad jointed ripbait all in one

Jackall also debuted a new bait that addresses the Umbrella Rig craze called the Glossy Shad. This 3.8” long paddletail is extremely realistic and features an ultra slim tail that tapers past the body so the tail will move back and forth at even extremely low speeds. This small swimbait can also be fished with traditional styles as well and sets up well with a shakey head, Carolina, ball head or even on a drop shot rig.

The ultra realistic Glossy Shad features a tapered tail for extra movement even at low speeds

In addition to these offerings Pro Angler Cody Meyer also showed us a new prototype slash style jerkbait simply described as the “prototype” or “Jokey” and an official name will come when it is officially launched later this year. This bait is designed to fish up and down versus side by side and when jerked and retrieved it will dive head first then rise up to mimic baitfish fleeing up to the surface where bass trap the prey. No exact dates for launch yet but the new bait looks like it is a pretty mature state already.

A new prototype jerkbait is designed to dive and rise

Prices and actual availability for all the Jackall baits are being finalized now but suffice to say that everything is right around the corner. Jackall has quickly become one of the most popular high end lure manufacturers and while most companies have one or two major hits it seems like Jackall, through design and quality, has been able to introduce both highly effective and popular soft and hard bodied lures.









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