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G.Loomis Unveils New GLX Bass Rods - Crankbait and Flipping Sticks to Launch First

Date: 7/11/12
Tackle type: Rods
Manufacturer: G.Loomis
Reviewer: Team TackleTour




Introduction: GLX is the graphite material that really put G.Loomis on the map when it came to premium blanks and later utilized in a highly popular rod series that has been selling for nearly 20 years. This ICAST the company is introducing an update to the series and unveiled a completely new series utilizing not only the material but a new split grip and reel seat design.


Justin showed us the new GLX Bass rods which now feature a new GLX material and split grip design


The new GLX graphite is designed to offer improved balance and fishability and Justin Poe, Global Brand Manager for Loomis explained that the rods are 23 to 35% stronger than current GLX series rods yet still deliver the same sensitivity that the rods have long been known for. The rods feature a green finish with silver threading and rather than use a standard reel seat Loomis decided that they needed to create a new ergonomic reel seat to better balance and match the look and feel of the new rods. This custom reel seat has sculpted edges and a blank through and is more traditional looking than the skeleton seat employed on the NRX.


The rods make use of a proprietary reel seat design


The rods also feature a blank through handle design which were designed with ergonomics, balance and overall rod weight in mind. The split grip features sculpted cork and cork composite grips that are also ergonomically shaped for comfort in hand and against anglerís forearms.


The application is printed on the split grip


All the new GLX rods will feature lightweight Fuji titanium SIC guides and the first new rods that will be available will be new crankbait and flipping sticks. This line-up includes 12 crankbait rods (CBR) in 6í6Ē, 7í, 7í1Ē and 7í11Ē lengths, and six flipping rods (FPR) in 7í5Ē and 7í11Ē lengths.


Plenty of access to the blank with this seat


The GLX CBR rods leverage the dynamic features of the new graphite , making it lighter and more sensitive than fiberglass and yet still able to deliver a soft, moderate action necessary to effectively fish crankbaits.


All the new GLX rods are loaded with Fuji titanium SiC guides


G.Loomis GLX Crankbait Rod Descriptions

GLX 781 CBR - A light crankbait rod designed to throw small lures. Works well with 1/8 to 1/4 Ė ounce baits like the small Rat-L-Traps, small deep divers and 3.4Ē minnow imitators. It loads easily, allowing you to cast light lures with accuracy, a long ways. Itís perfect for small topwaters and extremely effective for using light line on clear-water impoundments and stream when fish get spooky.

GLX 783 CBR - A really good, all around crankbait rod designed to throw medium-sized crankbaits of all sizes and shapes. Itís handles the mid-range diving baits exceptionally well, especially when fishing around docks and the edges of heavy cover. Itís quick, accurate and light as can be. GLX lets you know if and when a bass engulfs your offering because they just donít get anymore sensitive than this and that makes it a great choice for small jerkbaits as well.

GLX 785 CBR - When you start fishing slightly larger lures, especially around more cover where accuracy is more important that sheer power, this rod is a great choice/ The shorter length makes it perfect for tight places where you donít have a lot of room for casting, but need a little more power for those bigger bass. An excellent alternative for medium-sized jerkbaits and topwaters.

GLX 841 CBR - A slightly longer, light-duty rod designed to throw small to medium-sized crankbaits where extra distance is helpful. Itís just right for small deep-diving and lipless crankbaits. If you prefer casting to spinning, this is a really good rod for stickbaits like the Rapala or Long-A. Itís light in power as well as weight and is surprisingly powerful. A great clear-water, long-range cranking rod.

GLX 843 CBR - A rod designed to throw medium-sized crankbaits. Itís a great choice for diving lures like the 3/8-ounce Fat Free Shad or Wiggle Wart, and will throw a Rat-L-Trap or a LuckyCraft LVR across the county. Itís surprisingly powerful and will get a big largemouth away from trouble and moving to the boat quickly. Probably our best alternative for smallmouth and spots. It is a really good, all around crankbait rod!

GLX 845 CBR - When you need a little more power for casting larger crankbaits, this is the rod youíll want. Itís very light, and thanks to GLX, so sensitive you can feel a big bass watch your bait! Itís responsive and recovers quickly when a bass decides to dart under the boat or jump. If you like a slightly longer jerkbait rod for larger baits, this is an excellent choice. Itís responsive, sensitive and resilient... a great rod for all but the largest crankbaits.

GLX 847 CBR - When youíre throwing big deep divers like a 3/4-ounce Fat Free Shad or a DD-22, this is the rod! Itís powerful, slow-tapered enough to let those big baits do their thing and provides just enough give to allow the bass to engulf the bait. Itís designed to fish big baits in and around heavy cover and keep you out of trouble. When in big bass waters like Lake El Salto, this is our rod of choice. Distance, accuracy and Ďfishabilityí all make it a very good big bait, big bass cranking stick.

GLX 855 CBR - It is a specialty crankbait rod, designed for ripping lipless crankbaits like Rat-L-Traps or an LVR D-10 in the grass. It has a moderate-fast action thatís slightly stiffer than our standard crankbait taper to help move the bait enough so it can break free of the grass and still have some room to work itís magic without just flexing the rod. It will handle virtually any size bass and for those that may prefer a little stiffer crankbait rod, and some do; itís a good choice for deep diving baits as well.

GLX 954 CBR - When distance is important and youíre looking for a great lipless crankbait rod, this is an excellent choiceÖThanks to GLX, itís extremely light and so sensitive you can feel a big bass watch your bait! Itís responsive enough to yo-yo baits, recovering quickly when a bass engulfs the bait on the fall. Itís a great choice for virtually any sized bait so if you had to pick one rod for every style of crankbaits, this would be our winner.

GLX 955 CBR - When you need a little more power for casting slightly bigger crankbaits, but the water is clear and the fish are ultra-spooky, this is a great option. Itís light, responsive and recovers quickly, plus it will throw a lure as far as you can imagine. If youíre looking for a real rocket launcher this is the rod... a great rod for 1/2-ounce and 5/8-ounce lipless cranks and medium-sized deep-diving baits. Thanks to GLX it wonít wear you out and you can almost feel a bass look at your bait!

GLX 956 CBR - A good choice for the larger crankbaits and covering a lot of water quickly. The 7í11Ē length gives you unbelievable casting range and lure control. Need to get your bait a little deeper? You can use the old kneel and reel routine easily with this one. Itís the perfect big-water crankbait rod for giant smallies or big largemouth. Handles all but the biggest crankbaits with perfection!

GLX 957 CBR - The Mack-Daddy of all crankbait rods. When the baits youíre fishing are big and bass are tough to handle, this is the one you want. It will handle the giant deep-diving crankbaits easily and with the extra length can pitch them as far as you can see. Itís surprisingly light thanks to GLX, but donít let that fool you. It will handle giant largemouths, whether theyíre in the trees or headed for the hydrilla. A real advantage when you come across a school of big stripers!


The rods feature a green and silver design


With the GLX FPR rods, G.Loomis is looking to provide both finesse and brute strength. These rods felt light and balanced in hand but when we pulled down on the tip we found they loaded up quickly. In a real world application this should help deliver even lighter baits subtly and still have plenty of strength to load up and pull fish away from snaggy structure quickly.  


G.Loomis GLX Flipping Rod Descriptions

GLX 892C FPR - A versatile light-duty flipping stick that works just as effectively as a power pitching rod. It has the power to move big fish from cover and the tip is soft enough to cast comfortably, but itís designed mostly for the flipping technique where presentation is the key to success, especially in clear water where the fish are spooky and you need to drop down in line or lure-size to get a bit. In GLX itís especially sensitive and light as a feather.

GLX 893C FPR - It is our in-between flipping stick. It's still forgiving enough to fish smaller baits and lighter line, but itís plenty of power. Itís a great option for fishing edges where a stealthy approach is key! Itís length lets you swing your bait into likely spots and still gets that vertical, close-in presentation that has become so effective, especially when fishing gets picky.

GLX 894C FPR - Our best all around flipping stick. Itís powerful enough to help you to manage big fish without fear of breaking slightly lighter line. A real plus when fish get a little shy and back into the brush just a little more. Equally effective with a jig or soft plastic bait, this rod will give you total control when fishing in tight quarters, whether itís thick brush or matted vegetation.

GLX 895C FPR - It is the rod you want in your hands when the fish are back in the brush or the back edge of the weeds and you need to beef up your line and lure size. Itís light for all that extra power and the sensitivity GLX provides will surprise you every time you get a bit. It will handle larger bait and big fish with ease and itís so light, youíll hardly remember holding it at the end of a long day. It is the tournament anglerís choice, no matter if youíre a serious pro or a weekend tournament angler.

GLX 896C FPR - When the cover gets nasty and you need to pull a fish no matter how big. Up through all that stuff with authority, this is the rod for you! It is the power flipping stick made for Ďthe ugly, how am I gonna get a fish out of there, water.í It is power personified and still light in weight! If the bite is light youíll be amazed at its sensitivity thanks to GLX. When you want to give them the Ďno treatmentí you want this powerhouse on the deck.

GLX 953C FPR - Hereís a unique rod that many anglers will find appealing. Itís not overpowering, but itís more than powerful enough. Itís longer Ėalmost 8í- giving you tremendous line and lure control. It will give you total flexibility, handling a variety of line and lure sizes. The butt section is very powerful, but the tip is slightly softer which will allow you to pitch when the fish are too far back flip effectively. If you only want one rod that can do a lot of things, this would be our choice. Flipping is the main deal, but it will fish soft-plastic swimbaits, oversized spinnerbaits, and talk about a super-sensitive, deep-water Carolina RIG rodÖ it is a dandy!


The first GLX rods will either be crankbait or flipping sticks and retail from $395-$440 dollars each


The new GLX CBR rods will range in price from $395-$440 dollars and the GLC FPR rods will retail from $455-$465 dollars, and like all G.Loomis rods the new GLX Series will be manufactured in the USA in the company's Woodland, Washington manufacturing facility.










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