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Must Go Faster! Daiwa Cranks Up the Quickest Steez Yet

Date: 7/11/12
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Team TackleTour




Introduction: The Daiwa Steez is the exotic sports car of fishing reels, sleek, lightweight, refined, and undeniably sexy. This premium performer just got faster and this ICAST Daiwa unveiled their quickest reel to date, meet the new Steez EX-XS. The new XS model features a blazing fast 7.9 to 1 ratio which is capable of pulling in over 33 inches of line with a single turn of the handle.


The Steez just got faster, the new EX XS model has a 7.9:1 gear ratio

The XS is primarily designed for anglers that power fish and favor hitting targets and reeling in quickly through dead water to cast again and maximize bait position in the strike zone. This new reel features the same Steez profile but with a darker finish and purple highlights. The reel also showcases a more aggressively ported handle which is still swept but now has cutouts through the entire center portion. This oversized handle is now 100mm to meet the speed and leverage requirements. To accommodate the high speed gearing the Steez EX XS does put on a little weight and will weigh in at 6.0oz.

The Steez EX XS features purple highlights to help distinguish the reel

The XS is not the only new Steez this year and the more traditional ratio reels also get a makeover. The new Steez EX HS 7.1, HS for “High Speed” is capable of reeling in 29.8” of line and is a good all round choice for most applications. This reel has a more traditional finish but will also have the 100MM oversized handle. The HS model will weigh in at 5.6oz. which is the same as the current gen.

All the new Steez reels (EX H shown) feature a fully ported swept handle and we love the new gear designation on the side

The new Steez EX H 6.3 model becomes the lightest Steez yet and weighs in at only 5.4oz. and delivers 26 “ of line retrieve per crank. This lightweight reel features a more powerful gear ratio for pulling those higher resistance baits yet is still fast enough for a wide spectrum of applications.

We finally got to check out the Steez spinning reel in person and it is breathtaking

All three of the new EX series Steez reels feature the familiar magnesium frame and sideplate and a free floating A7075 aluminum alloy spool. The reels should deliver a very respectable 13.2lbs. of drag pressure courtesy of the carbon drag system, and each reel comes loaded with a total of 11 + 1 bearings. To protect these high end reels each will ship with a neoprene cover.

Daiwa loves show something different each year and in the booth were two T3 reels with Ferrari colored paint finishes...

...unfortunately the current plan for these T3 BLS limited reels is to make them available only for the Japan market

The new lineup looks slick and the cutout swept handle immediately sets the Steez EX reels apart from their predecessors. The XS in particular really stands out with the purple highlights that scream for attention versus the more subdued look of the other versions. The good news is the new Steez reels continue to get lighter and faster options and the bad news is the price is also up, and to own one of these exotics anglers will need to shell out $599.99 dollars for a “drive.”









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