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ICAST 2012 Coverage

Lock'em Down with Chain Gang lures


Date: 7/28/12
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Chain Gang
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: We first learned about Chain Gang at ICAST a few years ago and since the company's introduction they have expanded their lineup to include lures that target both freshwater and saltwater species. The company's name comes from the design of their lures which use chains, often in the skirting of their lures, to generate more flash and unique actions.


Meet the Chain Gang Silicone Tube, no chains here...


Imagine our surprise when this ICAST the company introduced a new tube lure that didn't make use of these chains whatsoever. Meet the Chain Gang Silicone Tube, a tube bait that features interchangeable jig heads and has a rattle molded directly into the head giving it a more lively action. These rubes feature generous skirting for plenty of movement in the water and are designed to be extremely durable thanks to a 100% silicone tube and skirt design.


A more traditional Chain Gang design, the Crazy Leg Jig


The Silicone Tube jig will be available in a range of colors including black and gold, black and silver, clear with blue glitter, and our favorite shad imitator, pearl white with silver scales. Each bait will be available in either 1/4 to 3/8oz. weights and retail for $4.99.


Chains extend out of the head of the lure and are designed to create added flash and noise underwater


While at the booth we also took a closer look at the company's Crazy Leg Jig. This jig features a larger head and silicon skirting which is complete with claws to imitate a retreating crawfish.


Claws extend through the skirting


Here the company attaches chains through the side of the jighead and they extend all the way through the skirting. These chains not only give the jig extra weight and a unique action while moved along the bottom, they are also designed to emit a unique sounds and vibration which is quite unlike what traditional jigs that just thump and bump the bottom structure are capable of doing. These jigs are available in both black and purple and green pumpkin in 1/2 and 3/8oz. weights and retail for $5.99 each.


Brett Willis and John Bush form the "Chain Gang"


The Chain Gang was created three years ago by two passionate anglers and while the company's chain based lure offering is now quite robust it was interesting to see the company branch out to new lure types and designs that fall outside their current mold. The new Silicone Tube is among the most detailed tubes we have seen on the market and the extra durability afforded to anglers through the use of a complete silicone construction should help keep this lure performing strike after viscous strike.









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