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ICAST 2012 Coverage

New spreader rigs and Musky baits unveiled at the Castaic booth


Date: 8/2/12
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Castaic
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

It's definitely not a secret that the umbrella rig (aka Alabama Rig or spreader rig) is the hottest new thing going in Bass fishing right now.  As crazy as they look, under the right conditions they will outproduce most everything else.  With the explosive popularity mainly stemming from Paul Elias winning an FLW tournament with the rig in October 2011, companies have hopped on the bandwagon making rigs of their own.  In the Castaic booth at ICAST 2012, new umbrella rigs were unveiled, alongside some new plugs designed for Musky fishing.

This is definitely something different in terms of Alabama Rigs....

Invisi-ring Rigs:  We were able to check out a few variations of the new Invisi-ring Rigs, slated for release about August 1st.  While common spreader rigs generally utilize 4 or more wire arms, these rigs use just 3 arms made from a super heavy poundage of fluorocarbon.  The fluorocarbon will allow for a bit more natural movement, and of course be less visible to the fish.  It is also stiff enough to keep the baits in an acceptable spread.

Crimped connections to the lures are strong and secure.

The lures used for the rigs are connected via a crimped sleeve and snap.  Crimping sleeves are common for various types of rigging for bluewater fishing, so strength should not be a concern.

Take your spreader rig fishing to the bottom of the lake!

As mentioned, a few variations of the rigs were on hand.  Not just the common spreader rigs used for fishing suspended fish, these allowed you to also fish the surface and bottom.  The topwater rig has a lightweight frog style head that would be perfect with a trio of horny toad style baits in tow.  On the flip side, the bottom bouncing rig utilizes 2 wire arms weighted at the ends for dragging on the bottom while keeping the head and the appendages slightly elevated.  Rigged with plastics, this could be an interesting rig to throw in deep water.  Expect all the rigs to be available in 6 colors and be priced around $17.00.

Big baits for Musky and other big fish.

Musky Armor:  Also on display was a new lineup of big baits called Musky Armor.  Geared mainly towards Musky fishing, there's no reason why these baits can't be used on other big fish in both fresh and saltwater.  These lures range from 7-10 long in jointed and un-jointed styles, and will be priced from $16-$20.

Keeping things fresh and interesting at ICAST 2012.

With so many spreader rigs on the market right now, most of them are relatively similar to one another.  Taking an existing idea and modifying it can often make it more productive and eye catching.  The introduction of the Invisi-ring Rigs as well as Musky Armor baits gives you even more options in the near future for putting more fish in the boat.









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