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ICAST 2012 Coverage

Airrus Rods showcases advanced rod technology


Date: 7/17/12
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Airrus
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Airrus rods is a company that never seems to stop trying to push rod technology and design even further.  Not only do their advancements set them apart, but the futuristic look of many of their rods helps make them unique as well. We took a look at several models that were being shown at ICAST 2012 in Orlando.  The lineup includes a few new models including a new flagship series that is sure to pique some interest amongst those seeking something high end.


A mix of MicroPuls, CoMatrix 2.5, and KW Nano Fusion rods on display.  The color of these rods all change to black from the first guide to the tip top.

MicroPuls Rods:  At a modest $139 price point for all models, the MicroPuls rods are perfect tournament workhorses.  With several features such as the Airrus micro guide system, multi-modulus technology, and a balancing butt cap, these rods appear to be a solid value.  A 6'6 medium and 7'0 medium heavy model are available in the spinning series, while casting models range from a 6'8 medium heavy to a 7'6 extra heavy.

micro guides extend slightly outward from the blank to reduce the line angle coming off the reel.  Coupled with a perfectly aligned reel seat, the line flows in a totally straight plane resulting in superior castability.

CoMatrix 2.5: The new CoMatrix 2.5 rods are a major upgrade for 2012 in several aspects.  Featuring multi-modulus construction, a revamped handle/reel seat, and the Airrus micro guide system, this series also incorporates the use of advanced bucky paper in the build process of the blank to create a stronger, higher performing rod.    A total of 6 models are available.  Spinning models are available in a 6'7 medium and 7'0 medium heavy size.  Casting rods range from a 6'8 medium heavy to a 7'6 extra heavy.  All models are priced at $179.

The micro weight balancing system on the KW Nano Fusion rods allows for small adjustments to find that perfect balance.

KW Nano Fusion: Positioned just below the flagship Stargate series, the new KW Nano Fusion rods bring a lot of technology to the table.  Sharing several features with the CoMatrix 2.5, this series also integrates a brass micro balancing system, X-filament wound technology, and a megaphone effect handle.  This carbon handle design is integrated into the blank in a megaphone-like shape without excess material so that sensitivity is actually amplified to your hand.   All KW Nano Fusion rods sell for $299.  8 models of varying lengths and actions are available.  Spinning rods range from a 6'6 medium to a 7'2 medium light.  Casting rods range from a 6'6 heavy to a 7'6 extra heavy.

KW Nano Fusion rods feature a carbon handle with foam butt section.

Stargate:  Utilizing a 10% reduction in resin content with an impressive 8 layers of graphite, the new flagship Stargate series is the most advanced lineup to come from Airrus yet.  By reducing the resin content yet increasing the carbon fiber content, the Stargate blank is said to be extremely strong and responsive.

Above the handle/logo area, the blank color resembles that of a Shimano Cumulus.

The Stargate series features nice detail work.

In addition to sharing some of the other features found on the KW Nano Fusion rods, the Stargate rods also add additional advances such as a rear aluminum balancing tube, carbon fiber reel seat hood, and new Kigan triangle guides.  The guide insert actually has a slightly triangular shape to it which is said to not only improve strength, but also reduce line friction by 29% providing increased casting range.

to capture in a picture, Cal was able to find just the right spot to show the triangular inner ring of the Kigan guides. 

Stargate rods will be available in January, with models still to be announced.  Pricing is not yet determined, but we are told to expect a price tag around $500.

Giulio Galletti (left) and Mark Curry (right) show off the latest offerings.

The Airrus lineup at ICAST 2012 proved once again that they take technology very seriously.  With advanced features and construction methods, they are sure to catch the eye of anglers everywhere.  To learn more about the rod lineup and the specifics of all the different technologies, visit the Airrus website at www.rodsbyairrus.com.









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