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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

Castaic ReTools and Expands their Rock Hard Series

Date: 7/20/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour






Introduction: As we approached Castaic Soft Bait's booth at ICAST 2008, Jason Scott could barely contain his excitement to show us what he has planned for the very near future. The acquisition of his company by NatureVision was followed shortly by an investment of over half a million dollars in new tooling and techniques to further his ultimate goal of bring quality baits to the masses.


The re-newed Castaic Rock Hard Platinum

The New Process: The first thing he asked us was to think back to the baits we reviewed just one week prior to ICAST. Then he showed us his new prototype for this very same bait. That's right, we said prototype. With the help of NatureVision's investment, their Castaic SoftBait Division has been busy perfecting steel molds of the very baits Jason Scott had plans to build, but no reliable resource with which to build them. The problems producing that early set of Rock Hard Platinums was the final straw.

The new Rock Hard Threadfin Shad


Now, each bait is precision injected for consistency and sonic welded guard against leaks. The results are a much more easy to assemble and bullet proof product. All one has to do is hold the new baits in hand to realize the improvement in construction. It is a change for the better.


The Threadfin Shad in 4" will be available in February 2009

The Baits: With plans for several new baits in a dizzying array of sizes, still the plan is to take it slow and fill out the introduction of these new baits over the course of two years. First up is a re-introduction of the trout series at this year's Bassathon in November.

Jason Scott demonstrates the new Rock Hard Sunfish in a test tank

Following shortly on the new trout's heels will be a four inch threadfin shad, a four inch sunfish, and a six inch baby bass. These new baits are slated for February 2009.

There are three planned sizes for the Rock Hard Sunfish...

The overall goal is to have these four baits, the trout, baby bass, threadfin, and sunfish available in several different sizes and colors (where applicable). If the prototypes are any indication, they are well on their way to fulfilling this goal.

... and four sizes for these very realistic looking Rock Hard Baby Bass

Lastly, despite the huge investment in new tooling to produce these more consistent and hopefully, better performing baits, prices are expected to remain the same. Given the Rock Hard trout series is already among the more affordable baits on the market, this is great news indeed.

Jason Scott (left) and the legendary Mike Long (right) were on hand to show us what Castaic SoftBait has cooking for the near and far future.

Conclusion: Jason Scott and Mike Long were all smiles when we dropped in their booth this year, and after they shared with us, what Castic SoftBait, thanks to the help of NatureVision, has in store for the next couple of years, we left with smiles on our faces too and cannot wait to see the new products hit store shelves. More importantly, we can't wait to throw them!










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