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Event Article: 2005 ICAST Reel Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 1 - Exciting Reels all across the show floor

Daiwa: There's no denying that Daiwa's got some of the hottest baitcasters on the market with the popular Sol and Fuego, and fans of these reels are going to flip when they see what the company has up their sleeves for the 2006 season. Whether its a baitcaster, a spinning reel, or a big game behemoth, Daiwa has got it covered.


Daiwa Product Manager Toru shows Zander the exciting new Viento


Viento: The Viento was among the most exciting baitcasting reels we saw at the show. This reel offers anglers all the proven performance anglers demand from a tournament reel with an added feature never before seen before...a "Twitchin Bar." By pushing down on the twitchin bar anglers can quickly pick up slack with just one hand for greater sensitivity and hooksets. That's right, a button for setting the hook! Press it slowly to ease-in up to 4 inches of line, this effectively brings lures to life as they lurch forward...all without even moving the tip of your rod at all. The Viento will arrive in stores around the September-October timeframe and retail for 199.95.


There's no other baitcaster like it, the Viento is the first reel in the US to feature a Twitchin Bar (the bar is the oval in the front of the reel, and can be depressed at various speeds to bring action to your lure or make a quick hookset)

TD Luna: Replacing the Millionaire CV-Z the TD-Luna is a completely machined round reel that features a simple casting adjustment that allows anglers to adjust the Magforce-Z cast control simply by pressing and turning the sideplate. This reel felt extremely smooth and refined and is completely hard anodized to resist corrosion. Bearing the looks and refinement of a enthusiast reel we were pleased to see a projected price point of only 229.95.


Replacing the Millionaire CV-Z is the ultra refined TD-Luna, complete with external cast control adjustment via the rotating sideplate


TD-Sol Spinning: Companion to the TD-Sol baitcasting reels is the new TD-Sol spinning reel which bears the same brilliant finish, but it is what is inside that really impressed us. This reel is designed for both freshwater and saltwater use and features a washable design. This means that extra effort was put into the implementation of a sealed drag system to allow washing of the reel without forcing moisture, salt, or debris inside. The reel features digigear design for an ultra smooth and powerful retrieve and features a seven bearing drive system. Design-wise the reel is a perfect match to the baitcaster with a arc design in the rear of the reel. The TD-Sol spinning reels will be offered in 2000 and 2500 sizes and will retail for 199.95 each.


The perfect companion to your TD-Sol baitcaster, the TD-Sol spinning reel


TD-Fuego Spinning: Fuego fans rejoice, there is also a new spinning reel to complete your collection. The TD-Fuego spinning reel bears many of the same specs as the TD-Sol Spinning, but in Fuego tradition the reel makes use of a compact magnesium body. This reel features a 7 bearing drive system, and felt extremely fluid. At the time of introduction only a 3000 size reel will be available and it will retail for $249.99. This is among the lightest 3000 size spinning reels available, weighing in at only 8.3oz.


The magnesium based Fuego 3000 spinning reel


Saltist Super High Speed Reels: The Saltist was introduced earlier this year and has become a top seller thanks to all metal construction and aggressive pricing. At the show Daiwa rolled out 3 more super high speed models capable of retrieving 47.2 inches of line per handle turn! These 6.4:1 ratio reels will come in 30 (narrow), 40 (medium), and 50 (wide) sizes, and retail for 169.99 to 189.99.


Got the need for speed? The Saltist super speeds are as fast as they come


Sealine Tournament SLT80W-2SPD: The SLT30 won our hearts tackling a combination of Tuna and Giant Squid in our field tests, and is among the very best big game reels right out of the box. This year Daiwa steps it up with the massive SLT80W-2SP which is capable holding 1700 yards of 50lb line! This big dog is designed to tackle the biggest and baddest fish in the ocean and will retail for $759.95.


Bill Liston shows Zander the biggest and baddest new reel at Daiwa, the SLT80W

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