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Event Article: 2005 ICAST Reel Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 1 - Exciting Reels all across the show floor

Date: 7/21/05
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas....but with so many exciting reel solutions we're breaking that rule today. We arrived at the ICAST gateway here at the Las Vegas convention center bright and early to get a jump on what we hoped would be some especially exciting 2006 products, and we were not disappointed in the slightest. On this first day we focused our attention on identifying the most exciting reels at the show. What we found on the show floor was a combination of both evolutionary redesigns of popular top sellers, as well as pioneering new products that push the envelope in terms of reel design, refinement, and superior manufacturing.


Jeremy Sweet, Shimano Product Manager showed us the Torsa up close and personal

Shimano: Shimano came out in full force for the show and was one of the few manufacturers to introduce brand new saltwater and freshwater reels, as well as completely overhaul some of their existing top sellers. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeremy Sweet, who walked us through the complete lineup of exciting reels. As usual Shimano has translated proven technology from their high end reels down through the lineup. In a surprise move the company not only redesigned a number of their mid range baitcasters, but also proceeded to add more depth to the lineup with the introduction of the new Cruxis baitcaster positioned below the Citica.


Zander cranks up a 8lb downrigger ball to compare the Trinidad to the Torsa

Torsa: The Torsa is to saltwater fisherman what the Calcutta DC was to freshwater anglers...simply revolutionary. Shimano's Torsa was the talk of the town, and many attendees crowded the booth to not only find out more about this revolutionary new reel but "feel" for themselves just what the Torsa offers anglers in terms of raw performance. In the booth JIP and I took turns cranking up 8lb downrigger balls on various Shimano reels, including one of our favorites, the Trinidad. The TLD was a bear to crank on, the Trinidad felt confident but still took some serious cranking on our part, and the Torsa was something else. JIP and I both felt it took roughly about 40% less effort to crank up the exact same weight! The helically cut dive gear on Torsa is absolutely massive, and is actually the largest in the company's history. The cam system on the reel works like a key system, enabling you to dial in specific drag settings in seconds. Most reels take over a year to design and implement, but rather than having to redesign a new application specific reels Shimano can study, test, engineer, and produce new cams which essentially expand the fishing range of the Torsa in months rather than years.


JIP adjusts the strike lever before testing the Torsa

Curado D:
Before the show word had already gotten out that Shimano would be redoing a number of their most popular baitcasters, including the top selling Curado. What most anglers didn't know is what these new reels would look like. The Curado D has been the go to mainstream reel for countless anglers for nearly 15 years, and this major redesign was quite an undertaking. The Curado D will please anglers that are fans of the Chronarch MG/Scorpion. Two sizes will be available a 100 and 101 (left hand retrieve), and a 200. Left handed reels in the 200 size will be available in spring 06. The 100 series reels are identical in profile to the Chronarch50Mg, while the 200D is longer.


The most exciting thing about the new Curado is HEG (High Efficiency Gearing), a system that uses much larger gears to provide more leverage and fish moving power. Here's where it gets really interesting for power fisherman. The implementation of HEG enabled Shimano to offer one model, the CU201DHSV (Spring 06') with a blistering fast 7.0:1 gear ratio that pulls in 30-inches of line per crank, and still have the power to pull a fish out of heavy cover. The new Curado D's now offer premium level performance, and will bear a new price of $199.99 per copy.

We had to do a double take when we saw the Curado D, the 100 sized reels are the same frame as the Chronarch Mg, while the Curado D 200's will be longer


Citica D: Interestingly the Citica D now moves into the position the previous generation Curado occupied for so many years. The completely redesigned Citica has been modernized with HEG gearing, Shimano's Lo-Mass drilled spool, Super Free, a dartanium drag, 4BB/1RB, and a completely aluminum frame and drag star. The Citica D offers plenty of performance for $119.99.


The Shimano baitcaster lineup gets a major makeover with the Curado (left) and Citica (right) These reels are designed to offer performance comparable to previous generation Chronarchs. Notice the Curado's new gear size versus the previous generation


Cruxis: As if Shimano didn't already have one of the most robust baitcasting lines in the business, the company is preparing to introduce the Cruxis. This reel is positioned below the newly redesigned Citica D and makes use of a Lo-Mass drilled spool, Super Free, HEG, and a dartanium drag. The reel does however make use of some plastic parts both on the drag star and tension knob. The Cruxis features an ergonomic shape that is very similar to the Citica D, and is targeted at mainstream consumers. The reel is priced aggressively at $99.99.


The Cruxis is all new and bridges the gap between the mainstream and value baitcasting reels in Shimano's lineup

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