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ICAST 2012 Coverage

New Models, New Colors, New Energy from Spro


Date: 7/23/12
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Spro
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

For once at the Spro Booth, Bill Siemantel had nothing in his secret briefcase to share with us, so we visited with the other pros to see what was new with this lure manufacturer. Mike McClelland, Russ Lane, and John Crews are on hand to show us the new additions to their signature series baits.


Mike McClelland was really excited this year at ICAST.


McStick 115: Mike McClelland could hardly contain himself at the Spro booth he was so excited to show us his new McStick 115. This is a slightly longer bait than the original (McStick 110) and it runs shallower too. Designed to be fished in that 0-4 foot depth, this bait is spec'd at 1/2 ounce and comes stock with 3 #5 Gamakatsu treble hooks.


Why? Because Spro is bringing out his brand new McStick 115 rip bait.


But that's not all they had in store for us.


Fat Papa 55: Following on the debut of his original Fat Papa 70 last year, Russ Lane was anxious to show us his new Fat Papa 55 delivering the same action as the original, but in a smaller, more compact package. The Fat Papa is a silent crank with a wide wobble designed to run right around 10 feet on 10lb test line.

The Fat Papa 55 will be available in a total of 5 colors.

Russ Lane shows off his Fat Papa 55 and 70 baits.

New Colors: Aside from the two bait introductions, Spro has a series of new colors for a couple of their baits as well. John Crews was on hand to show us the new colors for his series of Little and Fat John baits. Two of the colors, Chartreuse Blue and Chartreuse Nasty are entirely new colors while the others are simply being filled out into the different variants for each bait.

John Crews shows us some new colors for his Little John Cranks.

From Left to Right: Chartreuse Nasty, Chartreuse Blue, Bluegrass Craw, Fire Craw, Rusty Gold, Chartreuse Nasty, Chartreuse Blue.

Spro's Bronzeye Frogs will be available in several new colors, three of which are (from left to right) Freak, Natural, Outback.

Conclusion: Well, we may not have been able to enjoy a peek into Bill's secret baits, but we did manage to catch a glimpse of some exciting new baits and colors to be coming our way soon from Spro. And though some of the names (McStick & Fat Papa) kind of remind us of fast food sandwich names (McRib & Papa Burger), it's clear Spro and their pros have something pretty special on order year after year.









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