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ICAST 2012 Coverage

Creature Fever at ICAST 2012 with Big Bite Baits!


Date: 7/17/12
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Big Bite Baits
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

On the Creature Fever front, ICAST 2012 was full of manufacturers offering their take on bass fishing's most popular bait type - soft plastics. Big Bite Bait Company is growing fast in popularity amongst recreational and professional bass fishermen alike. We stopped by to take a look at what's new in their catalog for 2013.


BASS Elite Series Pro Russ Lane takes us through some new baits from Big Bite.


Buzzing Warmouth: Continuing on the great success they've had with their original Warmouth soft plastic, Big Bite Baits has changed things up a bit and is now offering a topwater version of this same bait. By elongating the head to accommodate screw in type hooks, protecting the eyes within a recessed cavity, and providing two swimming/buzzing legs, they've extended the utility of the Warmouth creating an entirely new way to fish the popular bait.


The Buzzing Warmouth is a modified version of the original ...



... featuring two swimming legs for topwater buzzing action.


Coontail: At first glance, the Coontail is nothing more than a generic 4.75" worm, but upon closer inspection, the ribbed profile conceals an irregular shaped inner core that is designed to give this bait a very unique action within the water. Russ Lane recommends this bait in everything from flipping to shakey head to Carolina rigged presentation techniques and is somewhat disappointed Big Bite Baits is releasing this bait so soon. He was hoping to get another season of "testing" under his belt before it was made available!

The Coontail looks like a typical worm at first glance.

But look at that bent spine and imagine the action this bait provides in the water.

Cane Thumper 3.5: Taking note of the recent success of umbrella rigs and the industry trend in offering smaller and smaller, more compact versions of these rigs, Big Bite Baits has downsized their popular Cane Thumper paddletail bait to a three and a half inch size. This should make it a popular choice in more finesse swimming applications.

The Cane Thumper is a popular paddletail option ...

... and the new 3.5" version should help anglers swim with more finesse.

B2 Worm: Popularity of the big plastic worm never wanes and Big Bite Baits is answering the call with their new B2 Worm featuring a thinner body and better swimming action than its predecessor. The new B2 Worm will be offered in six colors.

Looking for more big worm options? ...

... The B2 Worm is a 10" bait with a thin body for better hookups and swimming action.

Super Stick: Big Bite Baits has reformulated the soft plastic in their Super Stick to provide a softer, saltier bait to slow the bait's fall in the water column and hopefully increase the time a fish holds onto the bait once you get that initial bite.

The Super Stick has been reformulated for a slower fall and better feel.

Conclusion: The baits discussed above are but a small handful of product in Big Bite Bait's catalog. For a single manufacturer that produces a variety of soft plastic options, it's difficult to look past Big Bite Baits. In fact, as our Creature Fever year continues, we have several products about ready to write up but like Russ Lane, we just need a little more time "testing" before we publish our findings.









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