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Speed, Power, Xtreme... Abu Garcia Cranking up Gen 4 (continued)

MGXtreme Spinning: We were kind of looking forward to a gen 4 version of the MGX and MGXtreme low profile baitcasting reels, but were surprised this year by the introduction of the MGXtreme Spinning reel. This new, flagship spinning reel from Abu Garcia features a carbon body, hybrid carbon and magnesium rotor, and their new X-Mag Gear Box, a lightweight design holding the gears together in perfect alignment.

It comes in this attractive case... but there's more...

... Like this spare
ALUMINUM spool with shallow line capacity... but there's more...

Like these spare knob options... but wait...

... could there be more?

Specifications and buzzwords aside, what we really appreciate about this new reel is the fact it comes in a convenient carrying case with a spare, all aluminum, shallow spool option and two spare knob options. Additionally, on the non-handle side of the body, Abu Garcia offers a machined aluminum drop shot weight clip so you can stow your line when the rod is not in use! Don't like the clip? There's a standard handle cap in the carrying case you can use instead! The MGXtreme Spinning reel features the company's Carbon Matrix drag system and HPCR bearings with salt shield. This reel will retail for $399.99.

See that little claw? It's a drop shot weight keeper, but it can be replaced with a standard cap all in that case with the original reel.

Oh, and there's even an option for a different colored knob cap.

Just as we were finishing up the new product, our buddy Randy Pringle pointed us to something interesting.

Revo X Color Series: Last year, we noticed a preponderance of black reels during ICAST as if a sense of macabre had overtaken the industry. Whatever the reason, that dread has been lifted and this year, we've taken note of quite the opposite. Abu Garcia is one of the manufacturers jumping into this year's color theme with a series of new color options for the Editor's Choice Award winning Revo X.

Abu Garcia is taking the RevoX and introducing some color options.

For those who want something a little more personal than just solid black.

The color options run through the RevoX spinning line as well.

Big thanks, as always to Andrew Wheeler for showing us what's new with Abu Garcia!

Conclusion: Those were some of the highlights for us this year at the Abu Garcia booth adding to the list of products we need to add to our review queue for the coming months. Of course, that is not all. There's still another product from this manufacturer that deserves mention, but it's going to get its very own article. Stay tuned for more coverage on Abu Garcia. This party is just getting started.










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