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Whopper Plopper 110 : It's difficult to think of a more popular and pervasive topwater bait these days than the Whopper Plopper and Whopper Plopper Silent. Witness all the baits with similar tails and you know the original has made its mark. Yet for all the time the bait has been out, there was either the oversized 130 bait or the undersized 90. No more. Finally, River2Sea has latched onto that just as pervasive and magical "110" size to give to us the Whopper Plopper 110. At the just right size of roughly 4.25", this bait is already available and retails for $16.99 at places like TackleWarehouse.


The Whopper Plopper is among the most successful baits in recent years and it's all thanks to this tail design by Larry Dahlberg.


But the original 130mm was a bit large. The newer 90 size was a little small.


John Murray tells us, the new 110 size is just right.

Peter T Hook : How many varieties of fish hooks do we have on the market today? Certainly far too many to count and one component of the hook many of us take for granted is the bait keeper. There are many different designs and none of them would stop most anglers from purchasing a hook or make them take special notice to seek out a certain hook just for the keeper. Well, River2Sea is hoping to change that with their new Peter T Hook.

Do you make your hook selections based on the bait keeper?

This one really is different.

Designed by Peter Thilveros, the PT Hook features a keeper that's been welded in place and sticks up over the offset on an offset hook. This gives the hook a bigger notch with which to hold onto a bait ensuring better bait holding performance and reducing the chance of the bait fouling the hook point because it slipped down over the hook point or clogged up the gap between the shank and the hook - the very reason for EWG style hooks. This design actually enables River2Sea to make the hook with the more old school straight shank - a stronger and more reliable hook design than the EWG. Expect the PT Hook to hit shelves in September and sell for $4.99 per pack.

It really locks onto your bait keeping it from sliding down the shank during a hook set.

The man behind the new PT hook - Peter Thilveros.

Conclusion: Small, but key refinements seemed to be the theme this year at River2Sea. That new Peter T Hook is very intriguing and so is the new Frog Kit. We always look forward to seeing what's up with River2Sea so big thanks to Ish Monroe, John Murray, and Peter Thilveros for taking the time to show us around the new products.










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