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The Optimum Umbrella - It's Bigger on the Inside (continued)


ima Glide Fluke : Every few years, ima debuts a bait that catches our eye. This was one of those years. The ima Glide Fluke will be available in two sizes, 178mm (~7") and 110mm (~4.3"). Both sizes will have a floating and sinking version and be available in six different colors. Once again, pricing is still being worked out, but expect this sleek little glide bait to hit store shelves and web pages sometime this fall.


This is no fluke, we call it Striper candy.


The ima Glide Fluke will be available in two sizes.


Zappu has a way of putting a very refined spin on terminal tackle.

Zappu Hitch Hook : Zappu is a small, terminal tackle company producing some very intricate hooks, jigheads, and the like. New for them this year is a swimbait assist hook made with a small piece of metal instead of a wire leader, and a single hook (instead of a treble )with a rigging latch on the back. Expect the Zappu Hitch Hook to be available this coming Fall.

This is an assist hook made with a metal leader - not wire, but metal - and a single point hook.

Remember the Rat'n Rat?

Kahara Skirted Rat'n Rats : The Kahara Skirted Rat'n Rats is a 70mm little bait weighing only 11 grams (~2.75" & 3/8 oz) that's more or less a frog bait, but is shaped like a rat - actually because of its size, it looks more like a mouse to me. It is a compliment to the previously released Rat'n Rat with twin willow blades for legs. This bait is available now and sells for $10.99 in six different colors.

There's now a skirted version.

These are too cute to be considered rats.

Reigns delves into the popular paddletail market.

Reins Paddletail Worm : Paddletail worms have been around forever. The appeal in these style baits is in their versatility. Few anglers fish a paddletail bait straight out of the package. Instead, they cut and sculpt that tail to suit whatever technique they need to fish at the time, whether it's turning the bait into a soft jerkbait with an angle cut, maybe a cut tail worm with another, or a trailer type bait with a notch. Maybe you cut the paddle off entirely and fish it like a stick worm. Reins made the thickness of this paddletail very thin so that if you do choose to fish it straight out of the package, that tail will swim with the bait's movement. It will be available sometime this fall and sell in packages of 6 for a price yet to be determined.

Seven different colors to choose from.

A bass's first food ... Copepods.

Reins CPod Creature Bait: Among a baby bass's, or really, any fry's first food are zooplankton. One of the most pervasive forms of these organisms is a copepod. Copepods have a thick body and all sorts of appendages. Many feel creature baits are actually giant sized versions of copepods targeting the feeding memory of bass into triggering strikes. Reins is taking that guessing game away from the bass and angler alike by going full blown, soft plastic copepod with their new CPod Creature bait. It's a 4" creature bait available in up to 6 different colors and set to hit store shelves this fall.

Rein's new CPod Creature Bait triggers a bass's feeding memory.

Michael Murphy shows us his pet project, the C-Pod Creature Bait.

Conclusion: We always need a coffee break after visiting the Optimum booth. Matt Paino manages enough brands and product to almost carry on his very own show and there are always a handful of very intriguing, well thought out product, but this year, there felt like more. From the C-Pod Creature bait from Reins, to the super refined assist hook from Zappu, to the ima glide bait, to the Optimum Dollar Bill Swimmer, we're excited to see these baits and get the opportunity to fish them down the line.










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