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ICAST 2016 Coverage

Going Lighter, Quieter, and More Responsive – Shimano’s New Stradic CI4+ and Metanium MGL Reels


Date: 7/13/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: In usual Shimano fashion the company made a big splash this ICAST at the new Product Showcase rolling out two new freshwater reels designed to really up the ante in not just performance but ergonomics. These new products included the Stradic CI4+ and the arrival of the ultra-refined Metanium MGL.


Dan from Shimano show us the new Metanium and Stradic reels

Stradic CI4+: Following the successful launch of the new Stradic FK reels the new CI4+ reels now incorporate an asymmetrical shaped Magnunlite (MGL) rotor to make the reels even lighter, along with Shimano’s Hagane Design Concept with a cold-forged Hagane Gear, the new Stradic CI4+ line-up includes the STCI4-1000HG, STCI4-2500HG, STCI4-3000HG and STCI4-4000XG.


Following the successful launch of the Stradic FK comes the new Stradic CI4+ reels

Even more responsive, lighter and reliable is “the best way to describe the enhancement we’ve made to the Stradic CI4+ reels,” said Shimano’s product manager Chris Hess. “Complementing our Hagane Gear, the new MGL rotor improves reel performance due to its lighter weight and easier rotor rotation start-up. We accomplish this by moving the bail trip lever to opposite side of the roller, giving anglers a more rigid, durable rotor assembly.”

The new MGL rotor is designed to be lighter and offer easier rotation start up

The CI4+ reels have always been known for their corrosion resistance but this year Shimano is also taking things to the next step by making them even more robust to tackle big fish like  redfish, bonefish and other inshore saltwater species. Shimano’s CoreProtect feature adds to Hagane durability to provide water resistance without creating heavy rotation feel when retrieving. Shimano’s G-Free Body, where the reel’s center of gravity has been shifted closer to the rod is designed so that anglers will experience less fatigue with reduced rotation resistance during those long days on the water. The new Stradic CI4+ reels also includes “X-Ship” for increased gear efficiency and power for a smooth retrieve, and a light, yet durable titanium bail wire for better corrosion resistance than stainless steel.

The Stradic CI4+ on the show floor

For lighter line and finesse fishing, the 1000HG Stradic CI4+ handles 85-yards of 15-pound test PowerPro braid, or 140-yards of four-pound monofilament or fluorocarbon. It cranks in 31-inches line per handle rotation. For fishing situations in both fresh and saltwater, the 25000HG holds 145-yards of 15-pound PowerPro – or 140 yard of 8-pound mono/fluoro - and retrieves 35-inches of line per crank; the C3000FA, with its 2500 size body and large spool capacity, also retrieve 35-inches of line per crank, and handles 140-yeards of 20-pound PowerPro or 170-yards of 8-pound mono/fluoro; while the 4000XG holds 170-yards of 30-pound test – or 200 yards of 10-pound mono/fluoro - and reels in 39-inches of line per crank.

The 1000HG, 2500HG and C3000HG reels have 6.0:1 gear ratios, while the larger 4000XG size has a 6.2:1 gear ratio. All of the Stradic CI4+ reels will retail for only $229.99 and will be available immediately.

Drop dead gorgeous, the new Metanium MGL looks sleek and fast just sitting still

Metanium MGL: Shimano’s latest crop of high end baitcasters are some of the best we have ever fished and this ICAST the company continues to up the ante with the newly enhances Metanium MGL Series with advances including Shimano’s lightweight Magnumlite spool, a next generation SVS Infinity braking system and SilentTune, a feature that is designed to reduce vibration from spool rotation, while the next generation SVS Infinity braking system reduces casting sound and maintenance. Anglers can quickly and easily fine-tune the system to control spool speed, especially when using lighter lures.

The new Metanium was front and center in Shimano's booth

“The heart of the new Metanium MGL baitcasters in our Magnunlite spool,” said Shimano’s product manager Chris Hess. “With the use of this new spool design, we’re able to decrease the moment of inertia – the point in your cast when the spools starts to spin – allowing anglers to experience not only greater casting distance – as much as a 15-percent improvement, but also better accuracy over a wide variety of lures."

Want to know what is inside? Micro Module Gears for superior smoothness and cranking power

The new Metanium MGL also features a Hagane Body that is designed to improve durability and reduce frame distortion or flex when fighting a fish, while the company’s Micro Module Gears provide excellent smoothness from ultra-refined gear teeth while the X-Ship bearing support technology provides both smooth cranking and power.

Housed within the reel is Shimano’s lightweight Magnumlite spool

There will be three different Metanium MGL gear ratios offered – 6.2:1, 7.4:1 and 8.5:1, and all six new reels have ten S-ARB (shielded anti-rust) ball bearings in strategic locations, and a one-way roller bearing for no handle back play. They’ll handle from 110 yards of 12-pound test mono or fluorocarbon, or 135 yards of 130-pound test PowerPro braid.

A look at the Magnumlite spool by istelf

The new Metanium MGL reels are some of the sleekest looking reels that the company has ever built, and while they are designed to be light and refined they do not shy away from a fight and offer features and design that increase durability and make them inshore safe for targeting everything from Stripers to Redfish. All sizes will retail for $419.99 and are available almost immediately as well.









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