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River2Sea is Going Mad and Doubles Down on the Plopper!


Date: 7/18/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: River2Sea
Reviewer: Cal

We were somewhat disappointed last year to find our friends over at River2Sea had nothing new to share. This year, while the manufacturer did have some new stuff to show us, they still chose to keep things relatively low key with only two new bait introductions and some new colors to be made available throughout their bait lineup.


The Whopper Plopper (shown here in a new color) has been a big success.


So why not leverage that success into a new bait?


Double Plopper: How do you take the runaway success of something like the Whopper Plopper and build on it? How about taking the bubble trail producing business end of the plopper and creating a two-arm double buzzbait out of it? The Double Plopper is just that bait and by all accounts is set to take the topwater market by storm! Available in one size - 5/8 oz - and twelve (12) colors, the new Double Plopper will be sell for $16.99.


The Double Plopper is a buzzbait with plopper buzzers!

Soon to be available in 12 different colors.

Mad Yabbie: The original Standing Yabbie is one of River2Sea's most popular baits and especially popular with smallmouth and spotted bass fisherman. Answering the call for something a bit more traditional for largemouth bass anglers, the manufacturer debuts this year, the Mad Yabbie - a five (5) inch long trailer type bait with mad yabs that will flutter as you move the bait in the water. River2Sea recommends a 4/0 or 5/0 hook for the Mad Yabbie which will sell in packs of six (6) baits for $$4.99. There will be eight initial colors for this bait.

Do you throw the original Yabbie?

The bait has officially morphed and gone mad into this new 5 inch bait.

These yabs are sure to cause a ruckus when swam through the water.

New Colors: Speaking of colors, River2Sea extends their existing bait lines with a slew of new colors. We've photographed some of them for you to see.

Thanks to Ish Monroe and the entire team at River2Sea for letting us in on the Double Plopper and Mad Yabbie story!

Conclusion: Once considered more of a second tier manufacturer, with baits like the Whopper Plopper, S-Wave, Standing Yabbie, Bottom Walker and now the Double Plopper and Mad Yabbie, River2Sea is slowly making its way more into the mainstream and rightfully so. The team at River2Sea works hard to provide a quality product at a reasonable price so anglers can seek maximum fun without having to expend maximum funds. Thanks to Ish Monroe and the entire team at River2Sea for letting us in on the Double Plopper and Mad Yabbie story!










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