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Rapala Brands Making Noise at ICAST 2016


Date: 8/7/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Rapala
Reviewer: Cal

Rapala is another company that went relatively low key this year focusing on new colors for existing baits and just a couple of quiet introductions. Here's what we saw at Rapala's booth during ICAST 2016.


Rapala's line of "live" colors has been a big hit.


So they've extended the palette this year with Live Craw (Mossy show here).


Live Craw: For their popular Shad Rap and DT series of cranks, Rapala introduces a new, live craw color pattern - a series of five (5) new realistic finishes that resemble a crawfish. There is: Blaze, a kind of brown craw; Delta, a deep red craw pattern; Mossy, a green variant craw; Ole Blue, of course, a blue craw; and Rusty, a kind of mix between red and brown. These colors are available right now.


This is the Live Craw color Rusty.


Of course, this is Ole Blue shown on a Shad Rap bait.


A new frog is debuting for Terminator this year.


Terminator Popping Frog: A new bait from Rapala's associated brand, Terminator, this year is their Popping Frog. This is a two and a half inch (2.5") long bait weighing in at just over half an ounce (9/16oz). It's available in sixteen (16) different colors and will retail for $9.99.


It's the Popping Frog.

This rear weight ensures the bait is properly situated between pops.

Arashi Vibe: A new bait from Rapala's associated brand, Storm, this year is the Arashi Vibe. This is a two and three quarter inch (2.75") long lipless crank weighing in at just over half an ounce (9/16oz). It comes with VMC black nickel treble hooks and the traditional self tuning line tie to ensure the bait swims straight and true on every retrieve. The Vibe 70 will be available in thirteen (13) different colors and will retail for $7.99.


If you're a lipless crank fanatic, you're going to like this new bait.


It's the Arashi Vibe 70.

With the same self tuning line tie found on the standard cranks.

Not a brand to be left behind, Storm now has their own Spinbait under the Arashi name.

Arashi Spinbait: Also new from Storm, this year is the Arashi Spinbait. Currently only available in one size, it measures three and one eight inches (3 1/8") long and comes with a front prop that has three blades rather than just one. It will be available in ten (10) different colors with a retail price of just $7.99.


It looks pretty standard until ...


... you get a look at the three bladed front prop.

The rear prop remains traditional.

Thank you Brad Bolin for taking the time to show us what's new with Rapala Brands!

Conclusion: It's kind of a low key year for Rapala this time around, but we're actually excited about the new Live Craw colors and who can't get behind another new frog bait option? Thanks to Brad Bolin for showing us around the Rapala Booth!










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