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Pflueger Doubles Down on Value


Date: 8/1/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Pflueger
Reviewer: Cal

Pflueger's motto has always been to provide solid performing reels at price points that make it easy to adopt their brand. They further their quest in that goal this year with a refinement of their already popular and very value driven spinning reel lineup.


Introducing the redesigned Patriarch XT Spinning Reel.


Patriarch XT Spinning: Pflueger's top end spinning reel, the Patriarch XT receives an earlier than usual refresh bringing it up to date with 11 Extreme Corrosion Control (XCR) sealed ball bearings in support of its magnesium body and rotor. The reel's mainshaft is made of titanium and the entire reel is made safe for both fresh and saltwater use. It is available in two sizes and will carry with it an MSRP of $249.95.


The Patriarch XT comes with 11 XCR Bearings and a cool aluminum and carbon handle.


The standard Patriarch spinning reel also receives a revamp.


Patriarch Spinning: The standard Patriarch Spinning reel is also built fresh and saltwater safe but is made in three different sizes. This reel also benefits from a magnesium body and rotor and titanium mainshaft though it has one less bearing than the flagship. Sporting 10 XCR bearings, the Patriarch Spinning reel will retail for a cool #199.95.


The Patriarch comes with 10 XCR Bearings and a cool aluminum and carbon handle with a red accent.


The President XT is only $79.95.

President XT Spinning: The company's spinning reel refresh continues with President XT spinning. This aluminum framed reel also has an aluminum mainshaft, ten (10) sealed bearings, a braid ready spool, and a sealed drag. Adorned with a carbon handle and rubberized cork knob, the President XT spinning is available in five different sizes for a retail price of only $79.95.

Yet it comes with a similar handle to the Patriarch reels.

The President XT low profile reel is a similar good value.

President XT Low Profile: Delivering solid performance at a value price, the President XT casting reel is redesigned for 2017 with carbon sideplates and an externally adjustable magnetic braking system. The reel features nine (9) stainless steel ball bearings and weighs in at 7.7 ounces. It's rated at 31 inches of line returned per crank of the handle and will retail for just $79.95.

Rubberized cork handle knobs.

Magnetic braking for the spool.

President Casting: The standard President casting reel receives similar upgrades to the XT only with seven (7) stainless steel bearings instead of 9. An feature that comes with the new President however is a set of soft grip cushions that slip on over the knobs of the reel for added padding and comfort. The Pflueger President low profile reel will retail for $59.99.

The President low profile reel is yet an even better value.

Do you use aftermarket grip modifiers?

Well, President LP comes with them.


They are very soft and pliable.

Trion Casting: Taking things a step further in value is the Trion casting reel. This reel has the same basic features of the President - including the new, comfort knobs - but with six (6) bearings instead of 7. The Trion will retail for $49.99.

Lastly, the Trion at only $49.99 is sure to open some eyes.

This reel also comes with the grip modifiers and an externally adjustable magnetic braking system.

Conclusion: In an era where feature rich reels are escalating in cost, Pflueger has doubled down on their motto of providing the best value in reels out on the market. A special thank you goes out to Larry Tankersley for taking the time out to walk us through the product refreshes from Pfleuger.










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