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ICAST 2016 Coverage

Hanging Out with Molix


Date: 8/2/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Molix Baits
Reviewer: Cal

When it comes to innovative or just plain interesting product, Molix always has something up their sleeves for us at ICAST. We look forward to visiting with this Italian manufacturer each and every year to get a taste of their unique flair and style. Once again we were not disappointed.


This bait is one of the originals for Molix.


It's a wood wake bait titled Madera Live.


Madera Live: This is a wooden wake bait and one of Molix's original baits. It's been kind of off the radar and out of production, but the company is bringing it back at the bequest of its growing customer base and pro-staff. Expect the Madera Live to retail for roughly $39.99, but that is not yet set in stone.


Molix is bringing it back to life though the price is yet to be determined.


The Lover Spinnerbait is a popular item.


Lover Ti Spinnerbait: The durability and flexibility of titanium wire spinnerbaits will always have an audience and Molix is answering that call to the stage with the re-imaged Lover Titanium Spinnerbait. Featuring a standup head that can be slowly crawled along the bottom, this bait will retail for $15.99.


This year, Molix will be offering a titanium wire version.

There always seems to be a market for ti spinnerbaits.

Hand tied skirts are a big plus with us.

Introducing the Molix VT Worm.

VT Worm: Molix extends their reach into the soft plastic market with the very simple VT Worm. This six inch worm has a traditional ribbed body and curled tail that has a little ridge at the end to create a swimming motion as you work the bait through the water. The VT Worm will be available in eight colors and sell for $6.49 per pack.

This tail should move a lot of water.

No softbait catalog is complete without a creature bait.

Molix Creature: Of course, how can you have a soft plastic lineup for black bass and not have a craw imitator or creature? Molix answers that call as well with their new Molix Creature. This bait measures roughly 4 inches, will also be available in about eight colors and will retail for $6.49 per pack.

Introducing the Molix Creature.

The Sneaky Frog is a more traditional topwater bait.

Sneaky Frog: Following on the success of their Super Nato crankbait frog hybrid bait is the Sneaky Frog- a more traditional topwater frog bait but in supersized and with realistic 3D scaling. Availability of this bait will be early 2017 and retail is expected to be $15.99.

With lifelike scaling on the sides.

The Tenax Jig receives an upgrade...

Tenax Wide Gap Jig: The Tenax jig has been a good seller for this manufacturer, but pro-staff and customers alike have been asking for a bigger hook, so Molix answered the call this year with a wide gap hook version of this same jig. Look for the Tenax Jig Wide Gap to sell for approximately $4.39.

... with a wide gap hook!

Positive vibes always abound each year at the Molix booth.. Gratzi!

Conclusion: Maybe it's just their Italian flare, but there's always a positive and fun vibe about the Molix booth. If it weren't for the fact we had to cover the show, we'd like to sit in the booth with our friends at Molix and share a bottle of Chianti and some bruschetta! Ci Vediamo Molix!










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