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Missile Bait's Offer They're Betting Few Bass Can Refuse


Date: 7/20/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Missile Baits
Reviewer: Cal

We caught up with BASS Elite Series Pro Ish Monroe in the Missile Baits booth to lean what's new with the manufacturer for 2017. For Missile Baits, it's all about that craw.


When it's time to move away from creature baits and closer to an actual craw, Missile Baits now has the Craw Father.


Craw Father : Craw imitators are the bread and butter bait for many a soft bait manufacturer and Missile Baits is no exception to this rule. But oddly enough, with the DBomb, Destruction?, and DropCraw, what's missing in their arsenal is a true, craw profile bait. The DBomb and Destruction are more creature baits and the DropCraw is a finesse bait.


This bait measures 3.5" in length.


The claws are shaped to swim and dance as the bait moves in the water.

The Craw Father will be available in 10 different colors and is shown here in Dessert Storm.

Enter the Craw Father measuring three and half inches (3.5") in size and offered in ten (10) different colors, the Craw Father will answer the call when the bite calls for a more slim profiled craw bait imitator with more traditional craw-like claws. This bait will sell for $5.99 in packs of seven (7).

Thanks to Ish Monroe for finally sharing one of his new, no-longer-secret baits.

Conclusion: Missile Baits continues to refine their suite of product with smart, effective baits that fish love to bite. We look forward to testing the Craw Father out on the water and seeing if we can come close to matching the success of both Ish Monroe and owner, John Crews have had with these baits.










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