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New Baits from Megabass


Date: 7/18/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Cal

Riding their successful introduction of the Levante series of rods last year, Megabass turned their focus to new bait introductions for 2017. We take a look at six baits that are new to the US market, but not necessarily worldwide.


The Diamante is the next bait to come out of Megabass's STW program.


Dog-X Diamante: Another bait from the STW program to hit store shelves is Megabass's new, refined walk-the-dog topwater cigar bait, the Dog-X Diamante. Already available in limited quantities this four and three quarter inch (4-3/4") bait weighs three quarters of an ounce (3/4oz), comes with 3 #5 Gamakatsu hooks and is available in silent or rattling versions. It comes in eight different colors and sells for an MSRP of $19.99.


Measuring 4 - 3/4", this bait weighs 3/4oz.


The Funky Flipper looks like Griffin beefed up


Funky Flipper: The Funky Flipper looks like an overweight Griffin crankbait. It's a sub-surface wakebait that can be retrieved either super slow or super fast. Megabass Pro Staffer Chris Zaldain recommends tying direct to the lure's line tie and not use a split ring or clip to achieve best results. This bait, at most will dive to six inches, so it's a true, sub-surface crank that causes all kinds of commotion. The Funky Flipper measures two and one third inches (2-1/3"), weights half an ounce (1/2oz) and is already available in ten different colors. Retail on this bait is $19.99.

And from the bait's description, it sounds like it's just as crazy in the water.

The iLoud is quietly, a very beautiful bait.

i-Loud: This bait comes straight from Japan and is a jointed top water prop bait with a moving balancer system inside that knocks the side of the bait as it swims. The joints are also designed to knock side to side as the bait moves through the water and if that's not enough commotion for you, the rear prop splashes, bubble, and spurts. In other words if you could miniaturize one of those loud obnoxious cars moving down the street blaring their stereo with "mega-bass" to the point where it sounds like the welds in the car are about to pop, you'd have an i-Loud.

But looks can be deceiving.

Megabass actually has a patent pending on the internal noise making system also found in the i-Jack. They refer to it as the Rudder Action Balancer (RAB) System. This is a crazy little bait measuring only four inches but weighing a full ounce. It will be available in ten colors with a price point more traditional to Megabass - $29.99.

With three separate noise making characteristics, bait is anything but quiet.

The most obvious noise maker on this bait is the rear prop.

Finally, a BIG jerkbait from Megabass.

Kanata: Looks like this year, Megabass has addressed one bait missing in their rather extensive lineup of jerkbaits - a BIG, oversized jerkbait. The Kanata measures just over six inches in length and weights a full one ounce - not quite oversized by today's standards, but quite big by Megabass standards. The Kanata is quite versatile and can be worked like a crankbait over submerged grass beds or like a traditional jerkbait with a jerk and pause retrieve. Look for the Kanata beginning in August. It will be available in ten different colors and carries a price tag of $24.99.

Just how big is the Kanata? That's a Vision 110 in front of the bait.

Anglers who like to toss oversized jerkbaits will be excited about this bait.

Knuckle LD: From Ito-Engineering to STW, Megabass has yet another internal program titled Project Legend LD where Yuki Ito will take products and further tune their performance. First product of this initiative? The Knuckle LD. This bait has the same profile as the original Knuckle, but instead of the moveable bill, the Knuckle LD comes with a fixed circuit board lip. Further, the internal knocker has been fixed, so this bait runs silent. Lastly, the front hook on this bait is attached to the body via a swivel-mount as an added bit of insurance once you hook a fish, they will stay locked in.

Another year, another initiative from Megabass... introducing the result of the company's Project Legend LD program.

That would be the Knuckle LD.

The Knuckle LD measures just over two inches in length, is a svelte three eighths of an ounce (3/8oz) in weight and is already available in ten different colors. Retail on this bait is expected at $19.99.

The MagSlow is the bait we expected when first fishing the MagDraft.

Magslow: Megabass's new MagSlow is the bait most people imagined the original MagDraft to be - a paddletail style swimbait made to be crawled through the water. Matched with the MagDraft, you now have coverage in situations where you're trying to find out if the fish want the bait with a medium retrieve or at a super slow retrieve.

This bait will be available in three sizes from 5" - 9".

Additionally, where the MagDraft swims with a wobbling motion, the MagSlow is designed so that it swims with its head relatively still. It will be available in three different sizes (5", 7", 9") beginning in August in up to five colors and retail for between $12.99 - $24.99 depending on size. Chris Zaldain is rather anxious to get this bait out on the water.

Zaldain's California roots are showing with the way in which he adores the new MagSlow by Megabass.

Conclusion: Despite the fact there were no new rod lines to introduce this year, there was no shortage of buzz in and around the Megabass booth. Certainly by now, the company's brand name and fact they were even at the show to display their eye-catching product was enough. You can rest assured each of these baits is on our shortlist of new product to sample, but whether or not we'll be motivated to share our findings right away or not is a different story.









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