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ICAST 2016 Coverage

Gliding Along with Lucky Craft USA


Date: 7/24/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Lucky Craft USA
Reviewer: Cal

Keeping things simple this year, Lucky Craft has a single bait debut this year but several new colors extending throughout their existing lineup of baits. Let's take a look.


The new, two-piece Real Bluegill from Lucky Craft.


Real Bluegill: Last year, Lucky Craft introduced the multi-piece bluegill bait and my first question to them was, what about a two-piece? Afterall, the industry trend has been to glide baits not the s-swimming three and four piece swimbaits of the past.


This color may be our favorite.


Or maybe this one.


Well, perhaps it's just coincidence or maybe they really listened and took note after our meeting, but the new bait for Lucky Craft this year is a two piece glide bait version of that very same bait. Pricing is still being worked out but expect this bait to fall in line with the existing one at right around $20 per bait.


This is a new color for the magnum crank.


Ghost Bluegill will be making its debut in 2017 along with a larger sized Screw Pointer.

Sammy 10lb: Also in the works, but with no samples yet to show is a larger Sammy bait nicknamed Sammy 10lb because Takahiro Omori, when on an assignment testing the bait managed a 10lb largemouth on his very last cast of a very slow day. We're guessing it has quickly become Tak's number one priority.

New color, Sexy Ghost Shad.

No, this isn't the Sammy 10lb, but it is the Sammy in the same, new ghost bluegill color

It's been a couple of years since we've been able to chat it up with Skeet in the Lucky Craft booth. Thanks for your time Skeet!

Conclusion: We're not used to such a brief introduction from Lucky Craft, but it's always good to catch up with Skeet Reese and all the other pros that carry the name of this popular bait company on their shirt. Looking forward to throwing that Sammy 10lb and the new bluegill glide bait when they hit store shelves.











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