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ICAST 2016 Coverage

Jackall of All Trades - New Gantia Swimbaits and Gavacho Popper Frogs


Date: 7/17/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Jackall
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Is there any lure category that Jackall can't address? It sure doesn't seem like it as the brand continues to expand their already very robust offering year after year. Fresh off their successful Ganteral Jr. and Rhythm Wave soft swimbait spring launches the team at Jackall surprised us at ICAST with more offers designed to target big and aggressive fish.


The Gantia is a new 7 inch four segment swimbait


Swim on: Swimbaits and Big Baits continue to be a popular tool among trophy hunters and Jackall's newest offering, the Gantia, is a triple-jointed, four-segment hard swimbait with a semi-hard tail. The 7-inch Gantia lures are designed to draw fish in with a mesmerizing side to side swimming action.


The Gantia features some very high quality realistic finishes and like the Ganteral has a second line tie to add weight


The Gantia is designed to be equally effective fished at high speed or slow speed retrieves, and when twitched causes it to turn like a frightened bait fish. It can be fished suspended by adding weight to an extra eyelet. Color finishes offered in the new Gantia swimbaits include RT Ghost Scale Wakasagi, RT Largemouth Bass, RT Sexy Pearl Ayu, Drizzle Blue Natural, Trout, Scale Gill, Gizzard Shad and Hitch. The big baits have very high quality finishes and yet are quite reasonably priced at $37.99 each.

Jackall's new popping frog, the Gavacho


Pop On: If plugging away fishing topwater is more your thing then Jackall's new Gavacho popping frog might just be your new favorite bait. When retrieved, the Gavacho popper frog induces bass to strike by producing a fine water spray thanks to the cupped mouth.

Three legs? or just a wider dispersed skirt


The 2.7-inch, 5/8-ounce baits have trio silicon skirt offering plenty of appeal and movement, and the dual hooks are housed in a three-dimensional body providing the right balance design to resist snags and produce solid hooksets. The Gavacho frogs are available in six colors Black Gill, Chartreuse Strike Gill, Gold Gill, Lime Frog, Red Frog and White. The new Gavacho Popping Frog retails for $9.99 each.


Jackall's new creature bait resembles a crawfish


Creature with a twist: Jackall makes some very popular plastics and is now introducing what they hope will be a go-to creature bait for bass anglers. The new Archelon is a crawdad creature bait that features a slim profile yet is designed to be durable with a firm plastic yet soft enough that when fish strike the hook is quick to penetrate.


Anglers can insert a rattle into the head of the Archelon


Along with the big flap tails to stir up water, a rattle can even be inserted into the body from the tentacle side to create even more noise. The Archelon baits can be rigged Carolina, Texas, or even used for punching techniques when paired with a heavyweight sinker.


Ariel always shows us the exciting new products from Jackall, this year there is a choice for every layer in the water column


The Archelon baits will be offered in eight colors Black Blue Silver Flake, Black Red Flake, Bloody Plum Green Pumpkin Candy, Green Pumpkin Pepper, JL Craw, School Bluegill and Watermelon Pepper. They will be sold in packs of five for $4.99 per pack. Leave it to Jackall to introduce products that will enable anglers to play with new offerings throughout the water column in their search for big fish. Whether it is a hardbait or softbait Jackall always manages to introduce a few new and exciting products at ICAST and this year was no different.










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