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New Colors and Packable Rain Suits from Huk Gear


Date: 7/18/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Huk Gear
Reviewer: Cal

Introduction: Thank
s to their now signature camouflage pattern licensed from Kryptek, Huk Gear is one of the fastest growing apparel manufacturers in the fishing industry. The combination of aggressive styling, attractive patterns and colors, and garments that are super comfortable to wear has hit an accord with consumers. For 2017, the manufacturer extends existing garments with new patterns and introduces two new rainsuits made for the outdoorsman on the go.


Huk has quickly made a name for themselves in the industry thanks to the iconic Kryptek camouflage pattern.


For 2017, they're changing things up a bit.


Icon: Their bread and butter Kryptek LoPro ICON shirt is receiving some new colors for 2017 infused with orange, blue, red, green bases, the possibilities are almost endless and even more applicable for casual wear as well as when you're out on the water.


By offering a palette of new, exciting colors over this same pattern.


Just a little more black and we're thinking baseball season being based in San Francisco, CA ;)


KSCott Tees: Speaking of casual wear, Huk is now going to produce a full line of t-shirts featuring artwork by KScott. KScott takes actual photos he's shot, then transforms them into painted masterpieces which can then be applied to various pieces of garment to create some really unique and celebratory shirts, hats, and other apparel.


Additionally, the company is extending their reach into more casual wear.

With t-shirts adorned with the artwork of KScott.

Women's and Children's Lines: How many of you have wanted to outfit the entire family in outdoor, technical gear? Well, Huk has received that message and is creating an entire line of fit-right clothing for women and children meaning these aren't just smaller sizes in the existing clothes lines, but they will be cut specifically to fit women and children for a more comfortable and appropriate fit.

What's missing from the majority of tech-wear? Women's clothing!

But not just any women's clothing... apparel actually designed and cut for the female anatomy!

Throw in some kids sizes and cuts and you have yourself a legitimate, full blown clothing line - oh wait, that's what Huk is doing!

Trophy and Regular Packable Rain Suits: By now, you're probably already aware of Huk's Editor's Choice Winning NXTLVL All Weather Jacket and Bib. If not, you need to read the review. But while full on bibs and jackets are great when you're expecting foul weather, for those days you're not quite so sure, or when you just want something small and packable to carry with you or stow away in your boat - just in case, those full on rain suits are not so convenient.

How about a simple, packable rainsuit?

How about TWO?

Huk is answering that call as well with their new, Standard and Trophy packable rain suits. Differences between the two suits are weight of material and cut with the standard suit set to retail for $99 per top and bottom piece and the Trophy set to sell for $150 per top and bottom piece. In both cases, each suit will pack away into a small, convenient little bag you can easily throw in a backpack or storage compartment in your boat.

Both the standard (left) and Trophy (middle) rain suits fit in this small bag.

Thank you Ally Carey for showing us around the Huk booth.

Conclusion: The bass fishing outerwear race is on and Huk is taking an aggressive stance both with their colors and patters and their array of garment options. A big thanks to Ally Carey and Chris Ellis for walking us through all the exciting new happenings with Huk Gear!









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