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Abu Garcia Goes to the Xtreme in Both Weight and Speed


Date: 7/17/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Abu Garcia
Reviewer: Cal

The long-standing threshold for a bass-sized low profile baitcasing has been six (6) ounces. Break this threshold and you've entered the realm of highly coveted and often, difficult-to-afford flagship reels. This year, one manufacturer has shattered that barrier by introducing a sub-five ounce (-5oz) reel! Introducing the 4.5 ounce Abu Garcia REVO MGXtreme!


Ever thought you'd see a sub-five ounce baitcaster?


Revo MGXtreme: Abu's new re-imaged MGXtreme how truly lives up to its name. The reel is now sub 5 ounces officially weighing in at 4.5 ounces according to the manufacturer - 4.5 ounces! When I held it in my hand, it felt like a toy.


The new MGXtreme (left) is a little narrower ...


... and a little shorter than the original (right).


I asked Andrew Wheeler, Brand Manager for Abu Garcia, point blank if this reel is really going to hold up and he assured me that thanks to its one piece X-Mag alloy frame and C6 carbon sideplates, that there are no worries to the reel's rigidity. They simply took the existing reel, made it a hair narrower, a hair shorter in height and length, shaved a gram here and a gram there and voila - 4.5 ounces!


The original EVA knobs (right) are swapped out for cork (left) to save grams.


The reel has the same Super Lightweight Concept (SLC) spool, the same hybrid-ceramic and HPCR bearings and a new IVCB-4 braking system. The MGXtreme will be available in both right and left hand retrieve and with a spare set of optional EVA knobs for those who prefer them. Keep in mind these knobs weigh more than the supplied cork knobs. The MGXtreme will retail for $499.95.


Abu took the same form factor of the MGXtreme and applied it to the MGX.

Revo MGX: So what happens when you take the same adjustments in size and weight that you executed in the MGXtreme and apply it to the 2011 ICAST Best Baitcasting reel winner Revo MGX? Instead of reel that weighs a mere 5.4 ounces, you now have a compact power house weighing an even 5 ounces! Throw in an upgraded Carbon Matrix drag system with a max rating of 17 pounds (up from 12lbs), and you have a super light weight reel that packs a ton of punch. The Revo MGX will be available in both right and left hand retrieve and retail for $369.95

The result? The new MGX weighs the same as the former MGXtreme... 5.4 ounces.

Only the new MGX maintains the same handle and knob design as the previous generation.

Revo ALX: So magnesium alloy framed reels are a bit rich for your blood you say. So these super light weight reels are nice, but they're all too expensive you say. Or maybe you just want a lightweight reel that will hold up in saltwater environments with no questions asked (Mg as a raw material is highly corrosive in saltwater). Well Abu Garcia took the new frame size of their flagship MGXtreme and MGX reels, and promptly applied it to an aluminum frame. They completed this frame with C6 carbon sideplates, and an aluminum main gear. Complimented these features with HPCR Bearings and the same, upgraded drag system found in the MGX and created the brand new Revo ALX.

How about a sub-six ounce ALUMINUM framed baitcaster?

Introducing the 5.5 ounce Revo ALX!


The verdict? The new Revo ALX is the first aluminum framed baitcaster that we know of weighing in under 6 ounces. Official weight for this compact reel capable of finesse and standard bass fishing situations? How about 5.5 ounces? Retail price for the Revo ALX is set for $249.95.


The ALX is built to fish everything from finesse baits through heavy jigs.

Abu takes their "Rocket" technology and applies it to spinning!

Revo Rocket Spinning: One of the most fun reels I've had the pleasure of reviewing in recent years was the 9.0:1 retrieve ratio Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Baitcaster. The manufacturer has now taken the fun and fast characteristics of the Rocket and applied them to a spinning reel. The new Revo Rocket Spinning reel features a 7.0:1 gear ratio, made possible by precision, machined gearing enhanced by a computer optimized gear (COG) design.

The new Revo Rocket Spinning reel sports a 7.0:1 retrieve ratio.

Along with the carbon body, this reel has a machined aluminum handle and EVA foam knob.


The Revo Rocket Spinning reel features a C6 carbon body, a machined aluminum braid-ready spool, and Abu's signature HPCR bearings. It will be available in three sizes and retail for an MSRP of $199.95.

Rocket fuel has also been applied to the Toro.

Revo Toro Rocket: Lastly, Abu has also sped up their popular Toro line of reels with the brand new Revo Toro Rocket. This reel comes with a 7.6:1 gear ratio that scoops up to 42 inches of line per turn of the handle making it a fantastic option for inshore applications where the fish can easily swim circles around a largemouth bass. MSRP on the Revo Toro Rocket is $399.95.

The new Revo Toro Rocket can pick up a manufacturer rated 42 inches of line per turn of the handle.

And the handle is massive.

Andrew Wheeler amidst his lineup of incredible Abu reels!

Conclusion: I still can't get over the fact that Abu has broken the 5 ounce threshold in a low profile baitcaster. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to get all these new reels out on the water and into the lab for some tests before too long but that MGXtreme is at the top of the list. Thanks again to Andrew Wheeler for showing us what's new and exciting with Abu Garcia's reels for 2017!










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