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Date: 7/30/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Trigger happy comfort grips
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Coinciding with the same timeframe as ICAST we were shown a new product from a company called Trigger Happy Comfort Grips. This simple yet purpose designed product is designed to improve the ergonomics on baitcasting rods.


Trigger Happy Comfort Grips are new ergonomic grips for casting rods


Have you ever spent a full day of fishing and encountered discomfort from the hard plastic or composite plastic trigger on casting rods? The company's first product, the Trigger Grip, is designed to keep anglers fishing longer by making casting rods more comfortable.


These grips slide right over your baitcasting rod trigger


A look at the side shows the slender design


Designed by avid angler Loren Jenkins this patent pending solution consists of a silicon grip that slides over the trigger providing a buffer/cushion between your fingers and the hard trigger surface.


Mounted on the trigger the grip provides a soft surface and buffer


The Trigger Grip is easy to install and there are three available sizes, slim which is a versatile fit for most triggers, small which is designed for shorter wider triggers and large which is designed for longer and thinner triggers.


What about thick odd shaped triggers like the Fuji ACS?


No problem


On cheaper rods I have found the plastic rough or the molds so poor that they are abrasive in some areas, but on higher end rods we have found the triggers to actually be quite comfortable. That said I do know anglers that complain about the triggers and have even experienced blisters from gripping the rod so tightly. One application I can see this product being very comfortable is when ripping lures all day long or topwater applications which require a lot of contact and rod tip movement.


There are applications like ripping or topwater where the added comfort is very welcome


Will anglers that fish high end and enthusiast rods put on a Trigger Grip? That remains to be seen, but for anglers that put a priority on ergonomics this new offering from Trigger Happy Comfort Grips might just fit the bill. The new Trigger Grips are available now in a few colors directly from the company's website and retails for $6.99 for a pack of two slim grips.










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