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Date: 8/24/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Rajeff Sports
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Introduction: Rajeff Sports is one of the leading names in fly fishing. Does that name sound familiar to you? Company founder Tim Rajeff is the younger brother of Steve Rajeff, who works with G. Loomis to develop their fly rods. Rajeff Sports offers two well-known brands in the industry: Echo fly rods and Airflo fly lines. With the assistance from reps Randy Stetzer and Gareth Jones, we got the full tour of what's new from this popular name.


Randy Stetzer shows us the new Echo rods


Echo Rods: There are a bunch of new offerings from Echo rods for 2014. From one-handed to two-handed, graphite to glass, here's a rundown of what to look for:


The Echo Shadow II includes two 6 inch ferrule extensions


Echo Shadow II: There are two rods in this series made with European or “czech” nymphing techniques in mind. The Echo “fast-ish” action delivers the goods, while the long length gives you superior line control in tricky water. An available “competition package” is offered for an additional $74.99, which includes two 6 inch ferrule extensions to make your rod even longer, a screw-in fighting butt, and counterweights for added balance. There is a 10 foot 3 weight, and 10'6” 4 weight available, both 4 piece and both carrying a price of $249.99.


A screw in fighting butt also accommodates counterweights


Echo Glass: Lately there has been a growing movement of anglers seeking fiberglass fly rods, and this series looks to be a nice option. The action is classified as “GLASS M-Fast”, but these rods are nice and soft just like you'd expect. They load deep and slow, allowing maximum feedback for anglers seeking a more classic, slower pace to their fishing style. There are four 4-piece models available in lengths between 6'3” and 7'10” and line weights from two to five. Regardless of model, every Echo Glass model comes with a $199.99 price tag.


Looking for a classic rod with a soft feel? Try Echo Glass


Echo Solo New Models: Though not a new series, five new models are added to the Solo lineup. All rods feature the Echo “fast-ish” action and feel livelier in hand than comparable entry-level fly rods. New models include a 7'6” 3 weight ($119), 8'0” 4 weight ($119), 8'6” 5 weight ($119), 9'0” 7 weight ($129), and 9'0” 9 weight ($129). All rods are four pieces.


The Solo rods are a lot of "rod" for the money


Echo TR New Model: TR two-handed rods feature a beefier butt section to better accommodate a more abrupt power application. These long four piece sticks are great when distance and line control are of utmost importance. The new model is a 12 foot rod for a 4 weight line, is 4 pieces, and carries a price of $349 just like the rest of the series.


The Echo TR rods exhibit plenty of power


Echo SR New Model: With a solid fast action, these switch rods are great for one or two-handed casting and are built to stay loaded throughout the casting stroke. The new model for this year is a 10'6” 4-piece rod rated for a 3 weight line. This may be the lightest switch rod on the market, as we can't recall seeing anything out there yet with a lighter line rating. You can pick up any rod in this series for $329.


The Echo SR rods have a solid fast action


Echo Classic New Models: New additions to this medium-fast spey and switch series allows the angler more options and versatility. These new sticks on the block include a 10'9” five weight, 11'0” six weight, 11'0” seven weight, and 11'0” eight weight. These four new rods run $239.99 each, and are all four piece construction.


Airflo introduces a range of new lines designed to cast farther and float higher


Airflo Super Dri Fly Lines: New Super Dri fly lines from Airflo are available in five styles: Xceed, Elite, River & Stream, Mend, and Distance Pro. Offering the ultimate in water repulsion and buoyancy, these lines not only float higher but also cast farther. Each line also features “Zone Tech”  which gives the line a different hardness in a specified area for easier shootability and greater line speed. Included Ridge Technology gives the surface of the line ridges to reduce rod guide contact, thus reducing friction and improving distance. These PVC-free lines also feature “Power Core”, giving the lines only 6% stretch under tension. Super Dri lines are all floating and are available in varying weight forward and double tapered selections ranging in weights from 2 to 9. Each line includes a built in “Micro Loop” on each end offering a seamless, totally smooth loop without the “step down” that is a common characteristic of other welded loops on the market. You can grab one of these lines for $74.99.


The Spey rods have been refreshed


Delta Spey II: After a ten year run, these lines have finally undergone an upgrade. New Delta Spey II lines were reworked by Tim Rajeff and the legendary Dec Hogan to give the angler improved smoothness and casting distance. The running line is slightly stiffer, and the same “Power Core” technology we mentioned in the Super Dri lines is offered here as well. Another neat feature is the “Line Marking System” which means that each line is labeled from the factory for easy identification; a real convenience when digging through bundles of mysterious fly lines. Delta Spey II lines come with a cold weather coating and can be had in sizes 6/7 to 10/11 for a price of $89.99.


Rajeff Sports offers an exciting range of new products for the coming season


Conclusion: A variety of new offerings from Rajeff Sports is sure to grab the attention of fly anglers everywhere. You can find the new Airflo lines immediately, however the Echo rods will be available around the first week of August. We look forward to bringing you more from Rajeff Sports at a later date! 










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