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Date: 7/15/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Pirana
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Introduction: With so many hard baits on the market, it's extremely difficult devising ways to set yourself apart. On day one of ICAST this year, we saw some extreme creativity and design that evoked feelings of both excitement and curiosity amongst us. As a newcomer to the scene, Pirana lures showcased their brand new plug featuring a wildly different design the likes of which we haven't seen before. Let's check out this very unique bait!


It is pretty clear why this bait is called the Pirana


Pirana P100/P120/P130: The first thing you'll notice right away is the design. This eye-catching look is undoubtedly due to the huge mouth opening in the front. Featuring a molded-in lip, the large opening (complete with piranha-like fangs!) and bright red gill slits work together as a system to produce a very unique effect. This patented “Jet Trail System” creates a gulping of air at the surface and allows water to pass through the gill openings upon retrieval to produce a distinct bubble trail that's both visible and audible. Though it does float and Pirana classifies it as a topwater, they say that the angled “action lip” allows these lures to run down into the water column, and videos on their website prove this.


Serious gills for such a compact bait


Despite different model designations, the Pirana is actually the same bait offered in 3 different body colors; the P100 in metallic silver, the P120 in metallic gold, and the P130 in blue/green.


A look at the metallic silver prototype


Each features a black back and white belly. Other shared features include a high gloss finish, hex-scale pattern, 3D holographic silver eyes, red-painted gills, tuned rattle chamber, and #5 round bend treble hooks. Each has a total weight of 0.25 ounces, and a suggested retail price of $14.95. Availability will be soon, with two additional models possible by the end of the year. 


Matthew Vedder, Inventor of the Pirana lure, holds up this unique new lure


Conclusion: It's always exciting when a drastically different bait hits the market, and the Pirana definitely piqued our curiosity. Developed in Florida by experienced fresh and saltwater anglers, it certainly is a unique offering in a sea of similarities. Pushing the boundaries of lure design with fresh ideas is what keeps things moving forward, and just the type of stuff we expect to see at ICAST. For more information on these new offerings, you can visit www.piranafishinglures.com.  










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