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ICAST 2012 Coverage

Gamakatsu's Swivel Shot and 2X EWG Treble Look Sharp


Date: 7/19/12
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Gamakatsu
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Good things come to those who wait, and for fans of Gamakatsu's products, that means a full release on a product that was promised to the market last year. We caught up with John Crews during ICAST 2012 to see what was new with Gamakatsu.


John Crews shares with us the new stuff at Gamakatsu.


Swivel Shot: Shin Fukae first showed us the new Gamakatsu swivel shot back in the Spring of 2011 and we were happy to see the product debuted at the following ICAST Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. But for whatever reason, production was delayed on the innovative rotating hook. The folks at Gamakatsu tell us whatever challenges presented themselves have all been resolved and the Swivel Shot is now out with brand new packaging.


Gamakatsu teased us last year with the debut of their Swivel Shot, but now it looks like it's finally available.


Repackaged and ready to go, Gamakatsu's Swivel Shot.


EWG Short Shank 2X Treble: There's brand loyalty and then there's brand loyalty. Those loyal to Gamakatsu and who will simply not use "the other" brand more famous for their treble hooks will be happy to know, Gamakatsu has now debuted a new 2X strong hook featuring their famous EWG bend. This hook is sure to be popular amongst anglers who prefer the point style of Gamakatsu.

Fans loyal to Gamakatsu will be thrilled with this introduction.

A premium 2x strong EWG treble hook!

Conclusion: When you're as premium a brand as Gamakatsu and offer product that is tried and true, you do not have to rely on new and so called innovative introductions each and every year to keep the buzz afloat surrounding your company. Everyone knows Gamakatsu hooks are among the best and we were happy to see them concentrating on quality over sheer quantity of products this year.









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