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ICAST 2012 Coverage

The Wait is Over.. EVERGREEN!!


Date: 7/13/12
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Evergreen International
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: For the last several years, Evergreen International has done their best to announce a presence and tease us with availability here in the States. ICAST 2012 marks the date all the teasing comes to an end. The primary factor holding this premier Japanese fishing tackle manufacturer back was finding the right representative to help distribute their product to retailers in the US. Finally this wait is over, a representative has been found, and orders are being written. Here now is what's new for Evergreen International Stateside.


The things you learn at ICAST. Turns out Toshiya Hashimoto, President and CEO of Evergreen International, is best of friends with Yuki Ito, President and CEO of Megabass. We engineered this photo just as the lights at ICAST 2012 were being turned off.


Justin Kerr (left) and Shawn Bailey (right) were on hand to share with us, some exciting news from Evergreen International.


In reality, what is coming stateside is just about their entire lure catalog. Rods and possibly even reels, are a year or two down the road, but the plan is there. But there are a few lure items that are new to the manufacturer this year.


That news being? That Evergreen International is finally coming into the States!.


Kicker Bug : Evergreen must have been paying attention to TackleTour's theme for this year as part of what Justin Kerr and Shaun Bailey chose to highlight for us were Evergreen's new soft baits. In particular, the Kicker Bug. This is is a creature style bait available in 3.5" and 4.5" sizes. It is designed to swim and hop with a very erratic action and is recommended as a jig trailer or Texas rigged style bait. They will be available in packs of 4 for right around $11.00.

First bait to feature? It's a.. you guessed it, "Fever" to feed our hunger for more creature baits!

C-4 Shrimp 2.8: The C-4 Shrimp looks to be a finesse fisherman's dream featuring the appendages of a creature in a minimum profile bait. It is designed as a trailer to any number of Evergreen's finesse jigs, but looks to be deadly as a dropshot bait as well. It is available in 10 different colors and in packs of 4 for right around $10.00.

The C-4 Shrimp looks to be the ultimate finesse creature.

Bubble Tornado: The Bubble Tornado is a compact double bladed buzzbait and a favorite lure of both Justin Kerr and Shawn Bailey. It is a 3/8 ounce sized bait available in six colors for just under $20 a piece.

The Bubble Tornado is a compact, double bladed, buzzin' and clackin machine.

Shower Blows Shorty: Cal has been fishing the Shower Blows with very good success for the last year. He likes it so much, he's reluctant to write it up and move onto the next bait for testing, but now, with the Shower Blows Shorty - designed to be the same bait but just an inch shorter than the original - maybe it is time to move onto an even smaller size version of this same bait! The Shorty will be available in about 8 different colors and retails for $22.25.

Introducing the Shower Blows Shorty.

Just one inch shorter than the original.

Sidestep: Shawn Bailey was particularly excited when introducing us to the Sidestep jerkbait. Designed to be fished during all four seasons, this jerkbait has a githg rolling action on a stead retrieve and a unique, side stepping action when jerked and twicthed. It will be available in a slow floating, floating, and smaller, 95mm (3.75") size. Price range for this bait is around $22 - $24 depending on the exact model.

Three different versions of the same bait.

The sidestep appears worth stepping in front of to get into your taclke box.

Conclusion: Yes, the Faith, Wild Hunch Series, Shower Blows, One's Bug, Kicker Frog and other baits will all be made available as well, so be careful for what you wish and be prepared to act fast because Fall is right around the corner and a great many of the Evergreen International baits should do well during the seasonal feeding frenzy!









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