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Shimano Redefines Low Profile Baitcasting Reel Lineup


Citica G: The Citica also was updated this ICAST and now shares the same profile as the Caenan as well. the new design looks simple and contemporary with a mono-tone finish with a matte black used in the center while the rest of the reel keeps the Citica's original base tone. “We offer our High Efficiency Gearing (HEG) to provide more leverage and to produce more fish moving power,” said Kenichi Iida, reel product specialist for Shimano American Corp., “plus we reduce weight with our Lo-Mass drilled spool system so anglers can experience longer casts through a wide range of lure weight, and we provide easy spool control adjustments with our Variable Brake System. Anglers can now look to the Citica reels for the right one for their type of fishing.”


The Citica follows suit...


...and features a dual mono-tone finish


The new reels feature the same bearing count as the previous version at 3BB + 1RB. It will however be available in a wider range of retrieve ratios including 7.0:1 (right hand retrieve only), 6.5:1 (Right and Left hand retrieve), and 5.5:1 (right hand retrieve only). The new Citica will remain just above the Caenan and all versions retail for $128.99 each.


VBS remains the same


The Citica D weighed in at 7.8oz. and the new Citica G is slightly lighter at 7.5oz. While the previous generation Citica was more of a toned down Curado the new version is now more like a souped up Caenan. The new Citica G6 will be the first to become available starting in September with all other versions following afterwards in time for the holiday season.


Brand new is the Caius which features a orange and black finish (Giants fans should be pleased)


Caius: Showcasing the same profile as the Caenan and Citica G is brand new addition to the low profile baitcasting lineup called Caius. the first thing anglers will notice on this reel is the bold orange and black finish. I actually like the color combination and it is unlike Shimano to have such an aggressive color pattern on such a mainstream reel. The Caius is good for those that want to start fishing baitcasting reels and comes with a new "Easy Mag II" cast control system which helps prevents backlashes and can be adjusted quickly.


The Caius is aggressively priced at $69.99


Retailing for a very aggressive $69.99 the Caius will be available in a general purpose 6.5:1 retrieve and comes with 3BB + 1RB. This reel makes use of a graphite construction and weighs in at 7.9oz. and will be available in right hand retrieve first starting in September, with lefties to follow in December. 


The Caius features the Easy Mag II magnetic braking system for quick adjustments in the field


Conclusion: Will anglers appreciate the new strategy? As with all changes, especially to reels as popular as the revered Curado and Chronarch series, only time will tell. The redefinition of the entire mid section of Shimano's low profile baitcasting line makes a number of the company's new reels more accessible to anglers. One thing for sure the new reels do look a lot more stylish and feature finishes that would be right at home in an exotic car lineup. The new Chronarch sheds it's "elegance" in favor of becoming more aggressively styled, sporty, and affordable. The new Caius looks like a good option for value oriented anglers looking for a reasonably priced low profile baitcaster. Stay tuned as we take a look at Shimano's notable spinning reel redesigns including bringing back the white Stradic and a brand new Sustain complete with a protective "kickstand."










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