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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Jackall Introduces New Ultra Realistic Finesse Lures


Date: 7/26/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Jackall
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Earlier this year Jackall took home an Editors Choice for the excellent performing Crosstail shad which really produced when fished on a drop shot rig. Jackall has built up a reputation for quality and innovation, and this season has expanded their line of baits including some of which are ideal for finesse applications.




Pro Angler Cody Meyer and shows us the new Super Crosstail Shad


Super Crosstail Shad: When we walked up to the Jackall booth we were greeted by Cody Meyer, one of the most dominant finesse fishing Pro Anglers on tour. Known for being able to catch fish in even the toughest situations, I witnessed this firsthand when I fished with Cody earlier this year at Lake Pardee, where he slammed the fish on Crosstail Shads.


The new Super Crosstail Shad is much more realistic looking and includes 3D eyes


This season Jackall is introducing a new version which features a similar, but not identical, cross-tail design, but with a much more realistic finish with 3D eyes. These three inch baits are available in a range of patterns including Silver Shad, Baby Bass, and Threadfin Shad and come 6 per pack and will retail for $9.99 per pack.


The Baby Bass pattern looks great


Clone Fry: Also designed for drop shot fishing is the completely new Clone Fry. This lure features a realistic looking profile and is also 3 inches in length. The tail is designed to give off a very unique vibration and incite strikes from bass that view it as easy prey. Though this bait is sure to look good on a drop shot rig it can also be pinned on a round jig head to target fish throughout the water column.


The Clone Fry can be rigged on a drop shot rig or with a round jighead


Clone Gill: Going even smaller is Jackall's new 2.5" Clone Gill. This bluegill plastic bait may be small in profile but it is big on realism with exceptionally detailed finishes. The Clone Gill can be fished either on a drop shot rig or a round jig head and features small protruding fins and a realistic tail action in the water.


The Clone Gill is a tiny 2.5" bait


The Clone Gill looks like an absolutely lethal bed bait and there are plenty of patterns to pick from including traditional bluegill finishes, green shad, baby bass, and black crappie. 


Cody shows us the new Baby Bluegill pattern


IOBee Frog: Also at the show was another great finesse fisherman and Jackall representative, David Swendseid, who showed us the new IOBee frog. This new frog is designed to be fished right out of the box and features many of the modifications already built in that pros use to prep their frogs for battle. Custom made hooks are designed to improve hooksets and the lure features a balanced weight system that allows the frog to stay balanced when casting and walking the dog. This system also helps the frog sit more level in the water to achieve more splashing and aid in a perfect side to side walking action.


Meet the IOBee frog, which is tuned to be fished right out of the box


The IOBee features rubber skirts for legs, and the rubber flares out and sink slowly when the lure is paused. The IOBee is 2.5" in length and weighs 1/2oz. making it easy to cast long distances to cover plenty of water. This exciting new frog features the realistic finishes you would expect from Jackall and each frog will retail for $12.99 and start becoming available around December.


David Swendseid shows is the custom designed IOBee frog


ASKA 60SR: It wasn't all softbaits for Jackall this year, and the company debuted the ASKA 60SR which has been 5 years in the making. This advanced crankbait features a fiberglass circuit board style lip which helps the lure grab more water and when combined with the lure's slender body gives the ASKA a fast wobbling and rolling action. The lure is silent and great for finesse cranking in high pressure situations.


5 years in the making is the advanced ASKA squarebill crankbait


The detail is in the design and the shape and balance of the bait enables it to swim straight even at fast retrieve speeds. The center hook is also pinned closer to the center with reinforced edges, this design makes the hook have less play so it has less chance to tangle with the bill or rear hook. The ASKA is 2.5" in length, weighs in at 1/2oz., and will retail for $15.99 each.


The team at Jackall put together a great showing and some of these new lures were among the most exciting finesse baits at ICAST


Conclusion: Jackall makes some seriously high quality plastics and this season the new lures look like the perfect addition to the finesse fisherman's arsenal. Cody was extremely excited about the new Super Crosstail Shad and there's no doubt that this new series and the Clone baits will be tied on his rigs this season. When it comes to lures Jackall continues to design and manufacture baits that showcase that rare combination of beauty and performance. 









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