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Event Article: 2009 ICAST Coverage

"It's all about Dominating," The most exciting new hooks, the Lazer TroKar

Date: 7/19/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: W&M - TroKar
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

The most exciting new terminal tackle at the show was without a doubt the new Lazer TroKar hooks. These new ultra premium hooks are the only hooks in the world that are surgically sharpened using the company’s patent-pending SST (Surgically Sharpened Technology), and unlike other hooks you can actually see the difference in the new three sided hook point.


The TroKar hooks are endorsed by some of the biggest pros in the business including the G-Man


It is hard enough to innovate in the reel or rod category and when you get down to the terminal tackle level what hasn’t been done before? The new Lazer TroKar hooks are a new brand from Eagle Claw and makes use of the latest tools and technology to take hook sharpening to a new level. Taking inspiration from surgical blades and tools these new hooks feature a three faceted hook point that looks like a mini blade at the end of the hook.


TroKar hooks come in a special fold out package that keeps each hook separate


This geometric triangular pointed hook is designed to penetrate much faster than other point shapes allowing for increased hook up ratios. These three points are all precisely and symmetrically ground using a high speed computerized grinder that was originally designed for surgical needles. The result is a hook that the company describes as ultra strong and twice as sharp, making it possible to penetrate with half the effort.


The TroKar Pros - Skeet Reese, Shaw Shaw Grigsby, Jr. Brent Chapman and Gerald Swindle 


The TroKar hooks feature a bolstered wire diameter giving anglers a stouter hook that allows for aggressive hook sets and the hooks themselves feature a higher carbon content with reduced impurities which also adds to a overall greater tensile strength.


At the show we took a look at the assortment of new Lazer TroKar hooks


The steel also undergoes a heat treating process that imparts just the right amount of flex to resist breaking along with higher overall impact resistance. A tempering process specifically tailored to manipulate the molecular structure of the Q741 wire is designed to bring out the maximum strength of the carbon steel. Is that enough science for you? It became pretty obvious to us the TroKar wasn’t your ordinary hook.


TroKar's flipping hook features a barb on the shank


When it comes to the barb the TroKar makes use of a low profile barb that is designed for easier penetration yet maximum holding power. The angle of the barb was something that the company worked tirelessly on. When it came time to field test the TroKar they worked with some of the biggest names in the business including Skeet Reese, Shaw Grigsby, Jr. Brent Chapman and Gerald Swindle. Refinements were made to the line based on feedback and stress testing and the resulting line was designed for serious anglers looking for an edge.


A look at the TroKar campaign featuring Skeet Reese... this certainly isn't your everyday hook and why should the campaign be either


The premium hooks come in a fold out package that keeps the hooks separate until they are ready to be deployed. Each pack will come with 4-7 hooks depending on the type and size and retail for 9.99.


A closer look at the TroKar's geometric three faceted hook point, it resembles a needle or knife point more than a conical point found on traditional hooks


There are six different hooks at the time of launch, and all feature a black chrome finish. These include:


HD Worm: Heavy duty round bend worm, non-offset

Extra Wide Gap Worm: extra wide gap worm, Z-Bend, non-offset

Magworm: Magworm, extra wide gap, Z-Bend, non-offset

Flippin’: Extra wide gap, barbed straight shank, TroKar barb on shank

Swimbait: 30 degree swimbait hook, spring bait keeper

Drop Shot: Octopus style, up eye


Matt Grey showed us all the new Lazer TroKar hooks and they look hot! We can't wait to see what they will do in the water


Conclusion: The Lazer TroKar hooks display was among the coolest looking booths on the show floor and the graphics of the pros wielding the new hooks was extremely slick. This is probably the biggest launch of hooks we have seen at ICAST, and with good reason, the TroKar hooks look fantastic. Not only do they represent something different in hook design but if they perform as good as they look the Lazer TroKar hooks will be a hot ticket item in the premium hook space, and could very well change the way that both manufacturers and Angler’s think about hook design. They certainly caught our attention, and were the most intriguing piece of terminal tackle at the show. Will the Lazer TroKar hooks really dominate? Only time will tell, but they are certainly off to an exciting start!  


The new Lazer TroKar hooks are available now in limited quantities at
 Monster Fishing Tackle








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