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Event Article: 2009 ICAST Coverage

Strike Tech releases reels with “Live Action Spools”

Date: 7/21/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Strike Tech
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

It is always good to see innovation at ICAST, and novel ideas come in many different forms. With Strike Technology this innovation comes in the form of a new reel that features a “Live Action Spool” to create lure action beyond just a straight retrieve.


The Strike Tech AA looks like any normal spinning reel...


Strike Tech isn’t a company we have seen before at ICAST, and is a reel manufacturer out of New Zealand. They currently offer three reels in their lineup all of which make use of their LAS (Live Action Spool) design. The LAS allows anglers to choose the degree of action that you want to enhance your lures re-action in the water. To set the different degree of action anglers need only twist the top of the spool which moves it away from the center of the spool. Doing so creates “pulses” in the line that impart action on the lure as it is being retrieved.


...until you look at the adjustable spool


With each turn of the handle the Strike Tech reel sends five action pulses to your lure. The design of the LAS is simple yet ingenious and features a two piece spool that works like a cam altering the speed of retrieve every time the bail passes round the spool.


Strike Tech calls this special spool design LAS (Live Action Spool)


So what happens when a fish strikes? When retrieving lures there is not enough pressure on the line to bring the spool back to the original position but when a fish strikes the Live Action Spool automatically returns to center and the carbon clutch smoothly controls the run of the fish.


The Strike tech reel on the left in normal position versus the one on the right adjusted


When first looking at the reel in action it looks like the rotation would feel awkward but because the spool is set differently only the rotor moves just like any traditional reel spooling line on the spool from a different angle so the reel still feels smooth though you can feel the pulses transferring down the line.


Strike Tech sells three reels the red AA Model being the highest model


The Strike Tech reels are offered n three different versions ranging from their higher end “AA” model which features an all aluminum construction to the affordable “GG” all graphite model. In the middle of the line in the “GA” which makes use of graphite body and aluminum spool.


A look at the inside of the adjustable LAS spool


Each one of these reels come in 4 sizes and is able to accommodate lines ranging from 5 to 10lb test, and all reels feature a 5:1 retrieve ratio. The GG model has a 2+1BB design while the GA and AA model are both 5+1 and feel smoother and more refined. All reels are specified for use in both fresh and saltwater applications.


Strike Tech makes use of a drag underneath the spool


The Strike Tech reels may be available from US retailers and e-tailers after ICAST as the company is increasing their distribution but for now the reels are available online direct from the company’s site at striketech.net. The GG model retails for $49-95-55.90 while the GA model retails for $88.30-99.80 and the higher end all aluminum AA model costs $129.30-$149.90.


Sean Holohan at Strike tech showed us the unique reels


Conclusion: Strike Tech has an interesting product with their affordable yet innovative series of reels making use of the Live Action Spool design. While most experienced angler will likely prefer to impart their own action on the lures with a combination of reel retrieve and rod movement the Strike Tech reels are designed to complement that as well as make it easier for less experienced anglers to impart more action to their lures. Simple yet smartly designed the Strike Tech reels do what few reels are able to these days, and that is to offer something differentiated and unique.








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