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ICAST 2009 Coverage

Strike Pro’s new Flex Crawfish hardbait


Date: 7/30/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Strike Pro
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: There is just something instantly identifiable about Strike Pro lure designs, the company has a flair for bringing mechanical engineering and artistry together into one fishable package. This year they build upon their “flex” series of lures by cleverly incorporating the design into a crawfish pattern.


Strike Pro's latest creation, the Flex Crawfish


For years Strike Pro was making baits for other top tier manufacturers and the company has actually been a lure manufacturer and exporter since 1973. Prior to 1990 they focused on jigs and Spinners and today they offer over 500 models and 4,000 different color patterns.


The Flex Crawfish uses the company's "bike chain" joint design for the tail


President Michael Tsai creates some very unique lures and yet is able to design them in such a way that they can be mass produced and made affordable. Last year Strike Pro’s flex design was one of the highlights of the show, and the “bike chain” design allowed for a very free moving tail section while also remaining extremely durable. No surprise then that the company would expand the use of the design to a crawfish pattern lure.


The tail curls backwards when the lure is moved backwards


When we first saw the Flex Crawfish it immediately made sense. The segmented tail of a crawfish is a perfect fit for the “flex” design both in terms of functionality and sheer cosmetics. This is probably the most convincing looking hard bodied crawdad lure we have seen to date.


A closer look at the face of the Crawfish


The body of the Flex Crawfish is made of high-impact hard plastic for long-lasting durability, and its patented “bike chain” joint system provides the lifelike action of a fleeing crawfish moving backwards with the tail folding under the body. The tail straightens out at rest to lie flat. As an added fish attractor a sonic rattle mimics the sound of a clicking crawfish tail. Soft rubber claws with a pivoting base complete the package. These claws can be adjusted to different angles and the best is upwards making it look like the crawfish is in a defensive position.


A wire helps make this lure weedless so it can be used for flipping and pitching near structure


So how do you fish this new hardbait? The Flex Crawfish can be used for flipping, pitching, or jigging. The lure comes armed with a weedless Owner hook that allows anglers to work the lure into brush, rock piles, and weed beds without snagging. The Flex Crawfish is becoming available now and will retail for $19.99 per lure.


Strike Pro President Michael Tsai with his latest design


Conclusion: Strike Pro had a number of new lures on display at ICAST but none were as distinctive as the new Flex Crawfish. There are a lot of soft bodied crawfish lures on the market, but there are few hard baits that are much more than just a painted on pattern. The Flex Crawfish not only looks like the real thing it acts like it as well. This is one lure that we look forward to fishing in lakes that are populated with crawfish, and we can’t wait to see just how fish react when we crawl one of these new baits into the strike zone.









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